puts Romance of The Three Kingdoms & Dynasty Warriors in the Mount and Warband world UPDATES 2014 by I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

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dhman says

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Probably one and only best three kingdoms mod!


Saigun says

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Really good

The character models are great, they match dynasty warriors and all of it's unique character designs. The maps are truly wonderful. The reason I'm giving this mod 1/10 is due to the horrible story/ missions. Nothing is directing you on how to complete anything in this game. I currently have 2 quests that are not traceable "Protect Mr Yu Ji At Penglai" I traveled to "Penglai Island" This landscape is the best I've ever seen in warband or any mod. I highly recommend you check it out. However, Mr Yu Ji isn't at Penglai.... IDK where he is! I also have the main story line of "Find the 4 pieces and gather the heroes" The main story line.... Without some in depth guide, this entire story is terrible. ACOK, Fantasy or any other Warband mod has their **** together, it's time this mod developer added some text body to help direct and explain how to complete these missions.

This is great if you like ROTK or Chinese history! Nice detailed map and models.



Awesome !


I really like the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
thank you for having done this mod.


go head brah!

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