It's just a little custom map with "many" jumpscares. This is for Pewdiepie , and there are many references of Pewdiepie in this custom, so if you are not a fan of Pewdiepie you can't understand and you can't follow the story :).

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Poorly designed, some funny stuff coming from Pewdie.
Annoying level with very poor indication

The mapping is terrible, awful lightning, you failed terribly at making jumpscares.

This deserves a 2.

Yeah, no.

A Pewdiepie custom story, and this CS is just like most of them: Bad and waste of potential.
The only reason why I played this CS was because it had a rating of 8,2/10. This has to be one of the most overrated custom stories ever. The only reason why it has so many 10/10 votes is because of the pewdiepie fanboys:

i played this mod and i have to say i liked it so i will give it a 9/10 this mod is awesome

It was ok, there are some misplaced walls and glitches, and some of the level design is somewhat bad. Also the keys dont tell you what they're to. So i give it a 7/10. Next time more detail :)



This was amazing. <3


Okay mod. Wasn't really scary enough.

I am a big fan and search 'Pewdiepie' then you find this on the first top one of the first page :D

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pewdipie is the most inspirational person in the world so i have rated this 10!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 28 2012 by woodchuck