Fast paced mod for RA2YR. Using ARES extension to add new features including new units, new superweapons and upgrades. Also a new side, East Asia which is made up of North Korea and China. There will be 4 playable sides and each will have 2 countries that will have their own units and power ups. The goal is to make each country's style of play as unique as possible while still remaining part of their original side.

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A pre-release article talking about the upcoming 2.0 release and what it brings to the table.

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Hi All!

The final push is here! Version 2.0 is less than 2 weeks (soon™) away from release.

I've added a lot of stuff and made MANY changes over the last 24 months so I thought I'd show case it before the release. Getting a trailer ready which probably won't come out until after release so you'll just have to endure the images and gameplay video spam.

The only drawbacks right now are 2 bugs which I aim to have fixed within a few days and some minor art/sounds I need to implement.

What's New in 2.0

  • Naval Warfare!
    • All sides have their complete set of naval units including new toys
    • There are new amphibious units including dogs and tanks
  • New Sides
    • Soviets and Yuri are fully implemented,
      • Russia and Iraq join the fight for the Soviets and;
      • Psicorps and Specter join the fight for Yuri

Here's a sneak peek of their arsenal: - head over to Images for the rest!


  • New and improved visuals/sound
    • Sidebar images had a complete overhaul
    • New unit sounds and models
  • Full remake of the Allies and Eastern Alliance (Asia) factions
  • Complete AI overhaul across all difficulties

There's much more which I'll leave for the release post, so until then check out this quick Specter gameplay against an Easy Chinese AI;

and a Russia FFA:

As with any development, you have to plan ahead, for 3.0 I intend on having at the very least 2-3 single player missions for all sides and a couple of Generals style challenge maps (if you haven't noticed the major Generals influence by now). As we reach this stage, it may be time for me to start recruiting for future development, stay tuned.

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