Rise of the Wool Ball is a first-person shooter based on the Doom engine. It is a sequel to the Doom II mod Shadow of the Wool Ball. In the previous installment, the player controlled Scott the hedgehog on a quest to free his girlfriend from the evil cat invaders from space. In Rise of the Wool Ball the leader of the cat army returns and abducts Scott in revenge for maiming him. The girlfriend, Rebecca, must now save Scott and stop the cats' dastardly plans of strip-mining their planet of resources.

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MainManCZ says

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Really great mod, one of my favourites. It´s so much fun and the MS paint graphics looks cool.


TheRealApaul27 says

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I played both Shadow of the Wool Ball and Rise of the Wool Ball, and both of them look great. Both games had kind of a throwback to both Wolfenstein 3D and Rise of the Triad, and the games of the Wool Ball series are built on the Zdoom engine, this my favorite MSpaint doom mods i ever seen. In Shadow of the Wool Ball you'll play as Scott, who is trying to save his girlfriend Rebecca, and in Rise of the Wool Ball you'll play as Rebecca, saving their home world from the Evil Kitty Empire, and save her boyfriend Scott. I recommend play both Shadow of the Wool Ball and Rise of the Wool Ball.


nopushbutton says

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Really solidly put-together total conversion. Very consistent aesthetic with solid gameplay balancing all throughout.
The weapons all feel satisfying to use, and the enemies are challenging enough but don't feel unfair (hitscanners are either weak or telegraph attacks beforehand, for example, while stronger enemies have projectile or melee attacks).
Gameplay mechanics are introduced gradually throughout the campaign so you don't get overwhelmed. Bosses are creatively designed and fun to fight.
Overall, there's a very nice sense of progression through the whole game, and it feels very coherent.
Most games I play have at least one part I dread getting to upon replay, but I can't think of any here—I really enjoyed myself all throughout.
This just might become one of my favorite games—I'll have to give it a few more replays to be sure!

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