THIS IS A MOD OF RISE OF THE REDS! Rise of the Reds is a great mod made by our friends at SWR Productions. This mod is an Overhaul-style mode of ROTR - a reimagining of the formula in a more balanced and fun way for online play. It adds many new units and abilities such as Kirovs-style Airships, Cryocopters, Horde Bonus Aircraft, GPS Scrambler GP, going up to Rank 8, Swimming & Transportable dogs, and many, many more balance changes. The aim of the mod is to change the way you precieve the gameplay of Rise of the Reds 1.87 to something that is more similar to Zero Hour and other classic C&C games.

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What have we done to GLA now? In short, Scud Launchers, Chemical Labs Bunkers and GPS Scramblers.

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Our favourite middle-eastern non-specific terrorist group is back to bring the pain to all of the imperialist scum, this time Thrax and Prince Kassad and have sent them gifts from the past to help them dominate the battlefields.

First off you have the Scud Launcher (buttons are WIP)! It's wielding both Anthrax and HE missiles. High Explosive Missiles are best for dealing high amounts of damage in a small space of time to heavily armoured vehicles and buildings, but if that's not your cup of tea, you've got the Anthrax missiles which are very powerful versus lightly armoured vehicles and infantry, as they leak anthrax on landing.

The Scud Launcher will also provide Combat Drugs bonus to all nearby infantry in a large radius. This makes the Scud Launcher a powerful support unit as well as artillery.

Secondly, you have the GPS Scrambler! Unlike the base version of Rise of the Reds, the GPS Scrambler Station and Scrambler Track are both standard to the GLA arsenal, although with a much higher cost.

To replace it, I've included the original GPS Scrambler from ZH. Select the GPS Scrambler and use it stealth almost any unit or building for a large period of time (almost length of entire game, although this is subject to change)

Finally, if you missed the good old Palace from ZH, the Chemical Lab now has the exact same feature, to hold 6 infantry that shoot from inside rather than the old Command Truck function that was never used. Surprise your American enemies by stealthing your Chemical Lab and filling it with Stinger Soldiers to destroy their expensive planes, or fill it with Tunnel Defenders for a powerful defensive instalment, the sky's the limit, if you can even see past the toxic fumes.

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