Rise of Rome II: The Gods of War is the sequel to Rise of Rome, one of the most popular modifications for Battle for Middle Earth. Using new technology inherent in the BFME 2 engine, RoR2 will dynamically change in gameplay over its predecessor. You'll be faced with the decision of which god to honor at your temple, and that choice will ultimately determine what units, buildings, and upgrades you'll be able to purchase. RoR2 is simply not a port of RoR1, as no art assets are being reused. Everything is being remade to enhance the visual appeal and immersiveness of the Rise of Rome series. RoR2 will feature 4 sides: Rome, Carthage, Greece, and Gaul. Each faction will then have 3 different Gods you can honor, which will equate to subfactions. We are also introducing mythological figures and monsters as controllable units on the field of battle. There are also plans to do a full campaign, a Domination mode which will use BFMe2's "War of the Ring" style of play as...

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I luv the Roman based theme!


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cool i think but it will not work


The Main idea its a copy of a better mod called The Pelloponisian Wars!


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