This compilation involves few smaller mods for Supreme Commander - Forged Alliance that are made with intent to make battles more about strategy, map proportions, conquering, base layouts thank to new adjacency bonuses and all stages of management. There are many modifications that are targeted for developing new stronger and stronger experimentals, weapons and resource generators. This compilation is totally different. It's main goals is eliminate elements such as: "Game for Heroes" - No more situations where one T4 unit comes from nowhere and ravage whole heavy defended base. "Tech rush" - No more jumping low tech levels and rushing for nukes or T4 units. "Camping" - Players sit on one place and accumulating long range weaponry, nukes, resource generators, fabricators and defense? Never more! Fabrication is much less effective, T3 static artillery changed to support defensive element, nuke silos can hold only one rocket while expanding opponent gets bonuses to factories and resources

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