Single player Mod by rGOt Featuring 2 maps, this mod adopts the environment of Crysis 1 (destructible environment, vegetation touch bending) while keeping the newest technology of the CryEngine 3 (DX11, Texture HD, Detail Bump Mapping, TESSelation, Parallax Occlusion Mapping).

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Amazing Mod that allows you to really test the limits of your pc!

Great mod but the lack of a map confused me and I couldn't navagate the map effectively

Fantastic Mod, i played threw all 4 maps and loved them, the only issue i had was on map 4 the rocks were so bright they turned black, but other than that i had a good time, please keep working on more maps, and keep up the good work!


Just amazing quality, one of the best Crysis 2 modifications out there.


Amazing work !
The well-known atmosphere, diluted with new, vivid colors and stylish DX11 + destruction :))


Sn4rk says

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Well I really like the new maps, they look great but sometimes the sun effects are too bright.
But this mod has some serious issues. Some scopes aren't working, also I have a huge FPS drop (I can play Crysis 2 on highest graphics with 50fps, but this mod runs on 20fps even if I lower the graphic settings)
Enemies spawn on each other (especially the aliens)
Enemy USMC soldiers working with CELL? Why?
Bad navigation. I appreciate that you need to find your way, but running around in circles for 20 minutes isn't fun.
Missing textures. Some weapons or weapon attachments are white.
And sometimes I also had crashes.
So... nice idea, nice maps... but lots of problems. If you fix them, this mod will be awesome. But without fixing bugs it isn't even enjoyable.

Good mod 10 out of 10 :))

Nothing like Crysis 1....

This could have been an amazing mod, I had fun playing it, but there are some issues with it which may not even be the fault of the modders, but the limitations of the engine.

- Insanely detailed maps, the jungle looks much, much better than in the original Crysis.
- Added animals - fish, sharks, crabs, turtles, frogs, insects... the islands really feel alive.
- Being hunted by the cloaking aliens in thick jungle where it is hard to see them is super tense, like playing a Predator game (until the AI messes up).
- Destructible environments.

- Terrible AI. Even in original Crysis 2 campaign you could see the AI was awful, and here in the jungle it is even more obvious. They don't react when their buddy gets killed in front of them, sometimes they don't see the player and sometimes they see him even when cloaked, sometimes they don't know where to go and run around like crazy even though I am right next to them...
- First level had very bad framerate and it also crashed few times. I played C2 with stable 50-60FPS, but here it sometimes even went between 20-30. Lowering the resolution and graphics didn't help. The 2nd and 3rd ran much better, at around 45 FPS, and never crashed, but those were also a bit smaller I think.
- First level had a bit weird lighting, too bright.
- For some reason marines are super tough, it takes like 4 head shots to kill them.
- Very basic story.


Great idea, lacking execution. Lots of graphical glitches like shimmering rocks and the foliage changing in brightness when you turn around. Unintuitive map design, if you go off the beaten path the quality of the map drops (no grass, etc). Certain weapons and attachments are lacking names and descriptions. Translation could use some work.

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Amazing Mod that allows you to really test the limits of your pc!

Jun 22 2012 by Liliceman0819