Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE) A Supreme Commander 2 Complete Overhaul / Total Conversion Mod

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Very interesting mod,
I give it a 9.8/10 for keeping the game alive and going the fact there still care enough to keep releasing new units and patching to existing units is amazing it really does show how much they care about Supreme Commander 2,
Firsts things first the Pros and Cons of this mod.

-They added a bigger variety of Experimentals for people who play late game matches

-Very interesting economic changes, Its more difficult to get late game building and/or units which in some cases is really good because no-one likes people rushing experimentals at 15m.

-They brought back t2 and t3 structures which is great for people who have played Supreme Commander and FA but is bad because they are extremely expensive compared to the first game

-Very expensive building and upgrades not good for reply value in my opinion its way more difficult to do things to counter the enemy strategies if it takes 5-10m to build the counter, I mean its good because it makes people need to scout and its bad for people who don't and just use radar

-It takes to long to get t2 and t3 structures and/or units the game last way to long and gets a bit boring when waiting for research but it does make it more interesting and makes players think on there feet when they don't have everything at the start

-The ACU explosion is very will freeze my computer from how "Giant" it is, Its way to big and causes to much lag on low-end laptops

-Experimentals have to much range and the T2 or T3 experimental which you build VIA Engineer ACU or SACU is way to long and WAY TO OP i mean that thing takes 40m and will win you the game if built, definitely a no go for people not wanting a unit that will definitely win you the game or bring you F'ing close -The experimental buildings like the "Mavor Elite" and the satellite thing (cant remember its name of the top of my head) and a few more exp buildings that are over powered if not noticed and will destroy your base if not destroyed as soon as its built but what i mean for example is take the mavor its will destroy your base very easily if you don't see it same thing with the satellite thing if you don't see it you and you base will be completely visible and any units that are T3 or below will die very fast

-A-Lot of lag when there are shields overlapping each other, its not the mods fault for this its the game being "Difficult" with my computer but what I'm saying is is there anyway to remove the shields inside ither shields from showing or add an option to do so it would be very helpful

-The imprint the building lay when built, the weird decoration under the building it would be nice if it would disapear when the build itself is destroyed and make it smaller so it doesn't look like the imprint/decoration is taking over the map?

-The Research menu is way to hard to get through when you haven't played the mod before its very confusing and bunched together, please sort it our its insanely confusing and hard to navigate without forget what goes to what.

I know I'm forgetting a-lot of this in pros but its hard to remember everything about a mod that adds a-lot

I know there are Cons then Pros but the fact that people still care about this game and still wanna improve it is just amazing and the and i sincerely thank The Mod Team for not giving up on this mod that is changing the game for the better, there will differently be hard times but with support from the community we can get through it.

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Dec 21 2010 by Vender