Return of the Dawn is a TS to C&C1 (Tiberian Dawn) total conversion, aiming to combine the fun gameplay of the original with the more advanced features and graphical capabilities of the Tiberian Sun engine. While March 2010 marked the first appearance on ModDB, ROTD is in fact one of the oldest active mods in the entire C&C community (the original version 1.0, which was more a partial conversion than a true TC, was released in Dec. 2002). ROTD 2.0, released in 2004, was the first Total Conversion for Tiberian Sun, and has received several updates since then.

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Nice. I can still feel the "classic" style cnc 95 even though it is Tiberian Sun. Nice

Best C&C mod!! Just as Good as Tiberian Dawn Redux!!


For me, this feels like the pitch-perfect C&C95; sequel that I've always wanted. Sound, musics and infantry graphics are kept. But the new voxel-based vehicles, and new "based on the original but imrpoved" structure looks are a joy to look at. Got a little gripe regarding playing this on newer OS, but generally, it's great. It's Dune2000 to Dune II styled fan-made "sequel" approach...I just love it.

Overall, this is a beautiful mod and really brings a sorely needed visual and gameplay update to the original Tiberian Dawn. The gameplay and units are balanced and fun, adding elements that still surprise a Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun vet. The AI seems to play better than what I remember the Tiberian Sun engine would run, but I can't help but feel this game is incomplete without campaign missions, even if they aren't recreations of the original C&C95 story. If anyone were to ever make a download campaign, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Other then the AI teaming up against you and the unfamiliar graphics, the mod is still fun to play.


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Excellent mod!


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