Play as one of 10 Factions of Middle-Earth with more to come, fight in huge battles with new and familiar heroes. The Elves, Dwarves and Men must fight together against the forces of Darkness and drive them back to the shadow. Will you fight with the Elves of Lorien or Rivendell, the valiant Men of Rohan and Gondor, the mighty Dwarves of Erebor or will you crush the Free People with might of Mordor or take it for yourself with Isengard or Dunland? The fate of Middle-Earth is in your hands

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Great mod, but! Still a lot of work ahead!

Good mod.


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11/10 "Beyond Masterpiece"

Balanced gameplay, animations, and I love these new factions! You can feel the hard work that this mod has to offer. Best mod for BFME1!! Can't wait for 1.0 update.

This mod has great potential, its new features are appealing and it promises a bfme without any deficiencies. With a little work it can surpass edain mod and be the top mod of bfme series.


best mod ever


I have to admit that this mod is the only reason I started playing BFME again. I was expecting few changes cause this is only in 0.2 beta stage, but as soon as I began venturing into middle earth and helping the forces of good overcome new foes in the newest missions, I felt kinda addicted to that mod. The pace of hotfix releases by the creator and his total dedication and passion to this mod are worth noting and, as a result of these we got a still unfinished but yet totally enjoyable mod!


Finally managed to get my hands on BFME I again after losing it during the Lone Wolf times. And I must say, I'm loving this mod. In my first playthrough, I actually had a rough time fighting Isengard, Dunland, and Mordor. It wasn't like other mods where you can easily win. No, the mod is well balanced and was actually very challenging. Thanks!


i really enjoyed the new factions but some of them i couldnt build any building on the plots for some reason. I liked the elves the most because it was cool to have any entire army of archers. the skins and elven buildings could use some work though.


I love this mod....tho the textures aren't super , hope it will be changed , after the textures , the mod is great , and it isnt even done


Good mod! 10/10

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This is the mod to rule them all. Probably the most ambitious BFME mod out there. I would argue it even out competes BFME 2 and RotWK mods, too. That is how impressive this mod is. The creator is extremely talented and puts some many new units, skins, spells, heroes, maps, and so much more. Almost any faction you can think of is added or on the way (even hobbits, dwarves, elves, Dunland, etc). One of the most impressive additions, especially since it is campaign compatible. Also, the launcher is…

Jun 3 2016 by wookieejedi