Experience Resident Evil 2 as it could be, returning to Raccoon City, which is decimated by the Virus-Tyrant. A new reimagined experience adding new content and respecting the original content. Dive into the Raccoon Police Department with several familiar faces and some never seen before, traversing new locations. They have long awaited a construction as close and complete to 1.5, soon, they will venture into the nightmare that was once the metropolis of Raccoon City.

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Resident Evil: Back 2 Origins is an exclusive total conversion mod for the Sourcenext version of Resident Evil 2 (1998), a reimagined adventure from the prototype version known as 1.5.

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Resident Evil: Back 2 Origins


In the midst of the chaos caused by the "cannibal" disease, a few survivors managed to entrench themselves from the zombies in the police station, but food, ammunition and reaching the limit of their resistance are running out, they will fight their way to find the exit from the hell that once It was Raccoon City.

Playing as Leon S. Kennedy and Elza Walker in a new and reimagined version of the 1.5 prototype with various additions to enhance the experience.

With new game mechanics, locations, enemies, the journey through Raccoon City will be a nightmare.

Mod Features

  • New discarded locations and others added to explore.
  • New discarded enemies and others from the main saga.
  • Open and close the doors to prevent the zombies from following you and invading other rooms.
  • A large amount of weaponry including bonus weapons.
  • Zombies that can go up and down steps.
  • Decisions that can favor or condemn you and your companions.
  • Some extras when completing the adventure.
  • A gunpowder system to create bullets like the RE3.

Sample images

Alligator Boss

A-2 Area


More updates coming soon...


Can you please not 6slot inventory? Hate RE1 Chris for it xD Make it 7slot at least

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Well, there is a special item in RE2 that gives you 2 extra slots. I guess this can be used in the mod too, since it's using RE2 as a base anyway.

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Yea, i know it's there. But in description it says "major part of the game there will be 6 slots" (or something similiar, lazy to check it again, sorry :3)

Double checked it: it was in another mod's description, my bad, sorry o/

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Nice job dude.

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'Decisions that can favor or condemn you and your companions' - Now you have my attention. Are these choices that actually impact the gameplay and outcome of the story? That'd be great.

Good luck.

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