Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles is a survival horror mod for Men of War Assault Squad that aims to create a new atmosphere in the Mow series, wich you won't find anywhere else. Give it a try. ( Ce mod est aussi Francophone )

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May 12 2012 Anchor

It takes place at the end of Resident Evil 5; Albert Wesker's death and the fall of Umbrella had almost totally annihilated biological weapons on our world.

However, Chris Redfield couldn't relax very much after his return from Africa, indeed, the President of the BSAA had already mutated him to a new mission : Thermal images showed a resumption of activity in one of the last Spencer's Mansion, in Eastern Europe. It could be a bunch of bums or Bio-Terrorists, but it should be cheked.
It's to this purpose that a mission classified "top secret" was set up, and it return to Chris and his BSAA team the task of carrying out this mission.

The story begins during the arrival of the "Alpha Team" in the entry of the Manor house, where the investigation should begin.

The Campaign :

Chapter 1 : The Mansion.

  • The Arrival.
  • The "Real" Investigation begin.
  • Dead Flowers.
  • Sad Old Memories.
  • Jill's Nightmare (bonus mission)

Chapter 2 : Lemanzavo, The Real Story.

  • The Crash
  • The last peaceful day was Yesterday
  • The Outbreak
  • Fear of the Dark
  • Garden of Eden
  • Bunker 66

That's all for the moment, stay tune for more informations !
Note that I'm improving the first campaign while working on the second ^^.

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