Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles is a survival horror mod for Men of War Assault Squad that aims to create a new atmosphere in the Mow series, wich you won't find anywhere else. Give it a try. ( Ce mod est aussi Francophone )

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More weapons, equipments and a Big map (Games : Men of War: Assault Squad : Mods : Resident Evil : Alternative Chronicles : Forum : Requests of the Fans : More weapons, equipments and a Big map) Locked
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Dec 5 2015 Anchor

Anyway it's just a suggestion. I think it would be more great if we have some more "TactiCool" Weapons well of course, to look more Tacticool. And also most of the maps are in small towns or parts of a city so how about a big city or a sizable city? Why? well maybe we can recreate a citywide outbreak made by the remnants of the umbrella and the local enforcements together with the BSAA try to stop the outbreak while fighting the umbrella forces(which were also trapped/spreading more of the outbreak.). However, it's always up to you since this is just a suggestion and I'm just sharing my ideas because I loved you and your mod (no intimate affection intended :D ) yes your awesome mod so it is up to you. :) Cheers!!!!!

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