*Note* This add-on required Republic at War to be installed. All credit for any changes from the base game, besides those listed below, including the preview image, belongs to the Republic at War Mod Team. This add-on only changes values for units, so anybody looking for support should try the page for the base mod. Anyway, this add-on makes everything cost 1 credit and take 1 second the build. The only exceptions are the mod's version of Super Star Destroyers, which are only about 1/3 as expensive, so the AI wouldn't spam them, and the upgrades you can buy when defending. These exceptions can change later on in a dedicated update if people what it to. Also this mod doesn't work for skirmish mode.

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Really? Just piggy backing on someone else's work hard work

It makes the Mod Easier.


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great idea great person who finally achieved balance for the republic little bit op but still better than the original garbage

The utter pointlessness of this mod is astonishing...


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