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The International Federal Control (IFC) was started under the New World Alliance (NWA). They replaced the police in all countries who were under the NWA agreement. They are controlled by the International Government Board (IGB). After their launch in 2080, there has been nothing but conspiricy and fear. Their "Border Guard" units are brutally harsh to citizens, issuing random searches and sometimes beatings. The people of the NWA decided to take action. Some powerful corporate arms chairmen decided to create their own army to counter the IFC. In 2085, they linked their companies together to form the World Republic Union (WRU). They set up weapons and science facilities all around the globe. Eventually, IFC started to notice what they were doing and assaulted one of their factories in the hope of scaring them away. The WRU declared war on the IFC in 2100. Relapse takes place in 2110, where you battle online as either IFC or WRU forces. Who's side are you on?

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Level Designers located Anywhere.

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As a General Mapper (Level Designer), you will create maps from start to finish. We will brief you with pointers on how we want the map to look, then it's up to your imagination. We have modelers at your disposal so you can make the map as unique and as interesting as possible.

•You must have finished at least two previous maps.
•You must be familiar with the Source Hammer editor.
•You must be able to complete tasks provided.

As we are a mod team, we cannot pay you. This is all about improving skills for the future and having a great time whiles doing it.

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Send an email to linking to any past projects you've worked on

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