Three distinct redeemer-only mods for use Unreal Tournament. The missiles are unique to themselves but share a common scoreboard and players statistics tracking. These weapons are designed to be used as arena mods and will not function correctly if you try to use them along with other weapons.

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Here is a list of the different weaponry and options included in this mod.

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There are three distinct mods included into this one download. The mods are:
1) The seeking redeemer
2) The sniper redeemer
3) The goDeemer

First, the seeking redeemer has a built-in targeting system that will lock your missile when fired onto a target that is directly in your crosshairs. This is not the "normal UT seeking rocket code" but instead it is a completely redone target system that will assign a target to your missile and ensure that the missile flies to it's intended victim even if they hide. There is NO DISTANCE LIMIT, if you can see the player you can lock them up to the visual limit of the engine. Missiles you have locked will not lose their target if you die, however if your victim is killed all missiles locked on them will lose lock (to prevent the flying missiles from turning towards the new spawnpoint of the player).
There is a tone that warns you that you have been locked onto by someone else, and increased tone and speed implies a larger number of missiles are locked on you. All is not lost though...the missiles will turn to you but cannot make an extremely tight turn so a well-placed dodge or jump will let it pass without hitting you.

Secondly the sniper redeemer has the alt-fire replaced with a zooming scope that will let you pick out your target from across the map. The missile flies VERY fast to allow intense fighting even on huge maps.

Thirdly the goDeemer is a standard redeemer but with some enhancements. The primary missile flies about 30% faster than default so you can play larger maps easier. The alt-guided missile has a nicely cleaned-up distance to target HUD allowing you to find your opponents better. Both missiles will quickly overtake even a running and translocating player trying to escape so don't get caught out in the open.

All three mods come with a custom translocator that is much harder to find to allow puck hiding. Tombstones are dropped when a player dies, allowing the killer to grab the victim's 'soul' (+50 health) and there are top player stats embedded into the mod. The mod also have a clean, custom scoreboard that has the player's country in text.

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