New Horizons is a mod made in tribute to the classic real time strategy game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, originally made by Westwood Studios. New Horizons vastly expands the original game with an emphasis on realism, while at the same time preserving the elements that made Red Alert 2 unique. Youtube: 'RA2YR: New Horizons Mod'

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Leeching says

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The perfect example of a mod that falls short of its inherent potential, New Horizons is an admirable and ambitious project to believably expand every RA2:YR faction, making the experience of play deeper and more interesting as each side deploys dozens and dozens of new troops.

But you've no doubt seen the rating, so why so low?

The mod's unpolished, in so many words. The installation is clunky as the files are distributed uncompressed and wild, permanently marking up an entire install folder of RA2- meaning its best to copy the entire game folder to play. Running the mod is awkward as it required some RA know-how to ensure it ran on my system, but the mod did have some documentation to this. It lacks the slick CNC-net derived menu ui of other mods for the original, classic menu, in its low res, somewhat slow glory.

Graphically, while there are hundreds of new units, most range from mediocre voxel or shp work (often sourced from places like YR:Argentina, or PPM)to outright ugly- as with the BMD units, and the Abrams and Bradley. There is some quality unit graphics on display, but little is clean or consistent of any kind of style or unified theme. Some Allied units sport dark yuri-esque camo greens while others rock classic allied baby blue and an unfortunate few are in ghastly shades of tan. Much the same is true for the soviets. In testing, some units seemed to outright not fire their weapons correctly, showing incorrect firing frames for (some) infantry, audio glitches for certain units weapon sounds, and a over-use of the IFV's missile graphic for projectiles.

Gameplay wise, there is something worthwhile here, buried beneath the awkward presentation. Having so many units is inherently enjoyable, and theres a lot more strategy in what you can pull off as a commander now. Any sort of airborne ability in this mod is borderline insane and completely overpowered. Some units have clever multiple weapon systems and perform extremely well. Others feel like vestigial remains of the original faction tacked on, or are outright useless, like most of the radar vehicles present in the mod. Special mention goes to the effort done to spice up buildings and defending in general, some of the new options reminded me of making for fun 'sim city' bases back in the day. More fun buildings like that would be welcome. As a personal note, the infantry selection for the allies felt ham-fistedly tied to chrono technology, resulting in redundant-feeling units like the chrono GI or the deployable chrono 'blocker'. By comparison, the soviets had some pretty cool infantry options.

All this sounds pretty grim, so why isnt the score lower? Well, the mod functions and runs as advertised, though it suffers from some classic RA quirks. Its also so off the wall nuts that it has an endearing quality to it. A huge positive is that the author went to the trouble of ensuring the original campaign of both yuris revenge and the original game are in the mod and playable- which is a real treat and absolutely a selling point of the mod.

This score could improve SUBSTANTIALLY if the following things are addressed:
-Unit voxel graphics, especially of certain god-awful allied units like the apache, bradley, abrams, prism-soldier, and soviet units like the depleted uranium tank, BMD, halftrack, etc.
-Polished weapon projectiles, sounds, etc.
-Slight balance patch to address outstanding OP units and abilities; the paradrops for instance, or certain tesla units
-Unified faction aesthetics for the big three factions, so that at a glance a player can tell what faction a unit belongs to.
-Further expand on what makes the mod special, and add even more unit variety.

I hope this review does not discourage the author or other players. It's still worth checking out, especially if your a soviet player like myself. Allied players, I sympathize with half your core units looking terrible; I'll crush them with an armada of T72's and Armata tanks quickly, to wash away the shame of such an ugly force!


rafael506 says

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Esse Mod traz o realismo ao RA2, junto com muitas unidades que existem na vida real (Como o Kirov, T14 Armata, S-400, Etc).

Para quem busca um realismo no RA2 YR recomendo esse mod.


polopolo says

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the best mod i ever seen, thanks a lot for that, nice work :D


DanielDanBad says

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This mod is very likely C&C Generals so i had already played C&C Generals and that is a nice game.


Artillerymen says

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If you love "realistic" in Red Alert 2, try this mod


michaelwilson903 says

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enjoyable yet focus ping on realism


Deletejunk says

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