Dow-Host: Red Phoenix Rising is a total conversion of CNC zerohour. The mod aims to deliver a more realistic battlefield experience. Also, this mod will transform Zerohour to a more demanding strategy game while keeping some arcade touches to make the game enjoyable. The following playable factions will be included: USA, Russia, China, EU, and the GLA

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Jan 18 2013 Anchor

Modeling Guidelines:
1. Tank models should have a minimum of 700 polys and a maximum of 1200 polys (NOT including the NSVT gun).
2. The body or CHASSIS should be modeled.
3. Tank tracks should be similar to CWC style (tracks will be shown by textures). Do not model the wheels inside the treads, use textures instead. Animations will be provided later, do not animate treads or tracks. you can get a tank model from CWC and follow the same procedure for tank tracks.
4. Do not model the tank with the machine gun or NSVT.
5. Tanks should have a coaxial gun modeled.
6. You dont need to add any bones to the tank as I will add them later. This includs (Launch bones, FX bones, and tread bones)
7. The tank should have a TURRET.
8. ALL Details on the turret should be modeled.
9. ONLY KEY Details on the body or CHASSIS should be modeled while all other details should be included in the textures.
10. NO HOUSECOLORS. Housecolors will be shown over the unit not on it.

Texturing Guidelines:
1. The textures on the tank should appear realistic.
2. Details on the body of the tank should be included in textures.
3. Modeled Details on the turret should be textured too.
3. NO HOUSECOLORS. Housecolors will be shown over the unit not on it.

If you feel these guidelines need adjustments or you disagree with any point above please make a comment.

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Dec 18 2013 Anchor

Можно на русском :D ?

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