All maps from this modification have a very similar kind of feel of atmosphere and gameplay from the original Ravenholm, but with an different and expanded story, and many new locations.

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The atmosphere is spot on in this mod, it successfully mimics and expands on what was already shown of Ravenholm in Half Life 2. The storyline was intriguing and kept the ball rolling and the characters were good.


A great mod. I liked the new zombie trap ideas.

I was surprised at how hard it was even on easy. I think there may have been over a thousand zombies in the game, not even kidding, and it was longer in length than I thought. Also I don't think the sewer chapter fitted the theme very well.

Also because it wasn't updated when Steam broke the mods, I had to noclip through some areas that required Michael and I sort of just guessed what they were supposed to be saying.

Still, it was enjoyable.


Первая локация с очень пустыми картами, не очень похожими на Рейвенхолм,но более менее играбельная, вторая локация - канализация и третья локация - лес тоже очень пустые, играть абсолютно невозможно, карты - просто пустые коробки, никаких интересных геймплейных фишек нет, я пролетел канализацию и час леса в ноклипе и дальше посмотрел продолжение мода на ютубе, сюжета тут нет, есть небольщая история и только за неё 6, а не 5.
The first location with very empty maps, not very similar to Ravenholm, but less playable, the second location - the sewer and the third location - the forest is also very empty, it is absolutely impossible to play on them, the maps are just empty boxes, there are no interesting gameplay schticks, I flew over the sewer and the hзфке of the forest in the noсlip and and did not play further, the continuation of the mod I looked at YouTube, there is no plot here, there is a small story and only for it my score - 6, not 5.


WintermantheNForcer says

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Boy, did this mod dragged on for me.

First off, if you are not good at English, please let the native speakers polish the texts and subtitles for you. It was hard to analyze the texts to get a grasp of what you’re trying to tell.

I love the original Ravenholm from Half-Life 2, I see that this mod can give me an excuse to kick down the door and perform shotgun-pellets-injection on the undeads’ craniums. I got what I wished for, except it was a bit too much for me. The whole mod took me 3 hours and I have to be honest, it dragged on too long.

The story is so bad it’s funny, mostly because of translation. You outright left a friend at the beginning, then you meet someone you are supposed to care about. (Who dies three maps later after meeting him.) There’s also zero explanation of why is this guy keeps getting “phantasms”. There’s also explosive headcrabs, which are terrible additions in my opinion. Nothing screams frustration more than a headcrab who moves fast and can, and will, instant kill you.

Level design is a mix between good, redeemable, and straight up horrid. Checkpoints are few and far between. On some occasions, you face too many enemies more than what you can handle. One example is when you have to trek through a wide, opened, foggy forest. On top of not knowing where to go, you are constantly harassed by an endless stream of Fast Headcrabs and Fast Zombies. Also, this mod really likes stacking puzzles and weight puzzles. I’m serious, they are used very frequently.

I think the creator kind of misunderstood what makes Ravenholm so memorable. One thing is because it stands out from the other chapters by the only kind of enemies here are zombies. Zombies only, but not too short to make it a slog. Another thing is, while you can blast through the chapter with just firearms, you can always opt to play with the Gravity Gun if you get bored. Also, any mods that try to recapture Ravenholm forgot one thing: Ravenholm IS dark, but not pitch-black dark, light sources populate the chapter just right so the player can see. Zombies are usually crammed into tight spaces so they would actually act as an obstacle for the player.

The Gravity Gun is unlocked after beating the mod as a New Game+, it makes literally everything easier as now you can carry around props to throw at zombies with you. You also gain access to previously unreachable supply caches too.


pslat says

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One of the best single player mods I have played since the original. Some of the puzzles are very tricky and the large number of enemies was challenging in some scenes but overall it's a great mod. A lot of thought and effort went into level design and it has a feel of the original.


No way to start it

not that bad

Though it has been years since I played this, I enjoyed every minute of it. I was just telling a friend about it and came to the page and saw I never reviewed it.

I love the darkness from the fog. The sneaky headcrabs and fast zombies made me jump constantly & I loved it!

I think it's time to fire it up and play it again.




Got it working and its preety good.

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