Ravenholm: Remake is an ambitious project to remake the original Half-Life 2 mod Ravenholm, made by Lord Games (Moddb.com).

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Cornerstone of Development


For those who remember the original mod, released back in 2007 (Moddb.com), know that the mod captured the best moments of the Ravenholm chapter of Half-Life 2 and expanded on them.

The original mod is just as fun as it was back in 2007, and is still available for download with an updated package uploaded on it's moddb page.

The goal of Ravenholm: Remake, is to recreate the mod and give it a good finish and smooth out the rough edges that struggle to stand the test of time. Focusing on gameplay, detail, presentation and atmosphere.

Is there any old-time fans of the mod around here? Let me know what you think, and please do give your input, suggestions or tips towards anything specific you think that the original mod may have been lacking.

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G-ManJunior - - 7 comments

It's reasonable to assume this mod is now dead. The author has not been online in nearly three years.

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JD_Kreeper - - 3 comments

Is this still being developed?
I've been sitting on an idea for a Return to Ravenholm remake, I would like to share it with you.
I messaged you with more details.

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Spiralt - - 80 comments

is it still in development?

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Guest - - 692,404 comments

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Mooster5414 - - 3 comments

Weird to ask but just in case, is this mod still active and still is in development?
Because i love ravenholm and there are almost no good ravenholm themed maps, and i'd really like to see this mod come out.
Would be really cool if you posted some pictures or articles about your mod from time to time

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BJZilberman Creator
BJZilberman - - 3 comments

It is still in development :)

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Mooster5414 - - 3 comments

Well that was a lie

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Jaayu28 - - 44 comments

Looks awesome, can't wait to see more news!

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Kendal19000 - - 13 comments

Hello ! I'm here because i'm an orchestral, cinematic music composer. I see you are working hard on this mod and it would be a pleasure for me to make you custom musics for your mod :D (I'm a volunteer and i ask this to multiples devs to get some experience so it's free :D) Contact me if interested.

My E-mail : Kendalhatipoglu@gmail.com
My soundcloud : Soundcloud.com

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Vycter_real - - 7 comments

I went and played the og mod earlier today and I must say for a mod released in like 2007 its actually not that bad. It gets pretty good actually. Main issue is probably just those big open sections in the dark forest chapter and the earlier parts of the game do need updating for sure.

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