Radiation Alert: Episode 1 is already finished. I want to upload the file. It is a classic Half-Life mod. In my opinion well done. Installation instructions are on the download page

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While quite detailed and entertaining at times, this mod has overwhelming problems.

There is an odd mixture of high definition models mixed with low definition models and textures and most of the maps have serious frame-rate issues, making progression on higher difficulty's almost impossible.

That being said, it looks like the mod was a work of love, considering how much detail is present in every map. If only the Gameplay and optimization stood up to the mapping quality :(



too dark
too many headcrabs (annoying)
buggy (elevators making you fall thru or just killing you)
level geometry glitches
backtracking or just confusing level layout
use of low res textures
gameplay repetitive and drags on at times


nice designed levels (at the cost of fps)
cool use of objectives

decent mod but needs help. 6/10

This mod made me totally drool as how well done it was, very much entertaining and totally worth the time to grab and play. I played this mod a dozen times in a row, still could not get enough of this. It totally surprised me all the way. Id gladly yell I want more cause this totally made me happy.

It is a pity that I can not put 8 above, very much, greetings from Ukraine

Oh man, this is absolutely ingenious!
You've made my day!
Privet iz Ukrainy, by the way.


super !


Play it! ;)

A mod that has awesome detail but pretty average gameplay is just sad. Pros and cons:
awesome detail
fair difficulty
entertaining in some places
and clean running with no crashes
weird mixture of high def models with low def ones
lots of glitches (at least for me)
repetitive gameplay in some spots
and overall, Radiation Alert: Episode 1 really is only worth playing for deft detail sights. The mod gets barely gets a passable 6/10.



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