A large number of races is planned. Some of them a just interesting, and others are from movies, series, games, and e.t.c.

Some of them are already done. Here is the list of what has been done.

Anthro Wolves Race (Portraits are done, but still missing name list and flag)

Anthro Sharks (Portraits are mostly done, but subject to change. Namelist and flag fully completed)

Council of Ricks (Finished (Flag, name list, portraits, Custom Politic responses (not tested))
Soviet Union (Finished (Flag, name list, portraits)

Name lists are made specially to fit the designated race, Soviets have Russian names for characters, planets are named after Russian cities and ships are named after real Russian/Soviet navy ships. Anthro Sharks have ships named after different shark species e.t.c

This mod has both English and Russian Localisations

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Release of 0.1 version


Highlighting some features of freshly released 0.1 version (also the first release) of this mod.

Races Overwhelming v. 0.1 Stardust

So here we are as i promised. Version 0.1 Features

  • Bilingual version! This mod is present both in English and Russian.
  • 4 New races to play with! Ricks, Soviets, Space Sharks and Space wolves. If you haven't seen planet inhabited by Mortys, get destroyed by meteor, you haven't seen space at all!
  • Full pack! Each race has it's own portraits, name lists and flag (well... mostly)
  • Gameplay ready. Those Races are already made to be found in the game. Just start a new game and see pacifistic Space sharks or Capitalistic Soviet Union.

I'm looking forward for your feedback, which is as always very important to me. New races will be added in near future. As well as credits to all artists, whose work I've used in this mod. If you have spotted your art here, feel free to write me and i will add you to the credits section ASAP, or remove your art if you don't like to see it used this way.

English ScreensYuri's Pirate Fleet

astras 5Ricks Government

There is a custom diplomatic answers for council of Ricks, which should be working, but i had no chance of testing it. If you have encountered rick, who said "wubba lubba dub dub" to you, please take a screenshot and send it to me.

And finally, if you want to translate this mod to other, Stellaris-supported language, just write me a letter, and I'll send you required files with all needed information. Thank you and MakeSpaceGreatAgain!

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Races Overwhelming v. 0.1 Stardust

Races Overwhelming v. 0.1 Stardust

Full Version

First Version of this mod. Featuring Sharks, Wolves, Commies and Squanching. Stay tuned for more. Installation: Unzip into the MOD folder into Documents\Paradox...

KillerCubePlays - - 26 comments

Here's a quick tip: do not overwrite the files. Just put the new things in text files with any other name (preferably a unique one) in the corresponding folder. This solves a lot of possible incompatibility and makes it less likely to entirely screw the game up when the mod is "outdated".

Example: a patch comes out that doesn't screw up the mod, but a lot of new text is added. Since the localisation files are overwritten by the mod, you only see the raw title of the text. (which isn't helpful when reading descriptions)

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WatcherPony - - 1 comments

furry mod >u>

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