Rabbit Hole is a singleplayer mod settled in a surreal place. You start on the surface of the normal city and then get down to its undergrounds. And the deeper you get, the more weird things you discover. The mod is focused on massive combat and horror atmosphere. The gameplay is more quake-ish than classic half-life style, featuring massive zombie arenas and some experimental gameplay sections.

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- 10/10 music, really fits the mod
- excellent map structure
- short and kind of useless voiceacting
- infinite headcrabs

not too creative texture use, and the lowgrav part is kind of wierd and frustrating sometimes.


Amazing mod! I loved the gameplay with the gravitational changes and the rotating cathedral. Fantastic work.

they actually were right!

The design was good and the gameplay was fun for the most part.

But it did suffer from some of the common problems: wearisome waves of enemies and repeated generic props like boxes which I was constantly hacking through.

Also I got lost a few times and had to noclip to get through once I gave up going around in circles. There's not a very obvious sense of direction, especially near the end with all those doors and tunnels.

Good job, though.


Mod is very intresting! Atmosphere amazing - like in real dungeon with monsters! Its realy looks like littel bit looks same with Quake. Music is also good. Good job! Well done!

Wow, very nicely made mod. It doesn't try to wholesomely spearhead a completely new game, which in my mind is a plus since I feel it gave this mod developer realistic goals which he wholesomely achieved.

Funny backstory, I didn't even realize that I downloaded this mod until browsing through my files I saw rabbit.7z, I feel the fact that this mod's sudden appearance on my computer really added to the creep factor built into this mod.

Very nice work, I would not give lower than an 8.


_Nem says

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Interesting mod, definitely worth a play.

The low grav part was interesting, but a little tough to master.



Finally some new ideas in Half Life world. Good level design, every level has it's own atmosphere and looks different. Only one think that hasn't been changing it's horde of zombie- non-stop zombie killing could be boring for some players. Another worth praising think is music- completely new soundtrack sounds professional and builds the climate.


Twitwi says

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The mod starts out kinda average, but suddenly becomes really great.
The later part kinda reminds me of Serious Sam :)


I liked Rabbit Hole. From my point of view it offered an original twist to the classical plot inside HL2 Universe mods, and I think that’s nice.

To me this mod seems more like a survival horror, or better say, is a HL2 universe mod, which progressively turns out into a zombie survival horror, and I have to say I liked the idea of the mighty Combine scared by this supernatural-poltergeist forces under the city.

Now, about the gameplay, to me seems fairly good, the combat in the surface of the city feels quite right, but obviously this mod is not centered into CMB soldier combat, but in zombie combat mainly, so once you’re inside the catacombs beware of it, because there’s plenty of zombie combat down there, also is a decent point in favor to have plenty of ammo and med kits around.

The “experimental” part with almost 0 gravity was a total surprise to me, and I think it was quite good implemented into this mod so I didn’t find it annoying as some have pointed out.

So maybe the big cons about this mod, from my perspective are related mainly about the gameplay, I mean, for me is pretty much annoying to fight hordes and more hordes of HL2 zombies, because for me that kind of combat is very, very slow, I like faster and more dynamic combat in HL, so I decide battles against CMB troops than zombies a million times.

So I guess for me I would have preferred the lasts parts of the mod after the fog no-gravity section, would have been focused more in trying to scare the player than those battles against zombie hordes. Specially once you reach the underground cemetery, I found that part very hectic, because you fight hordes and hordes of ghost-zombies, so that makes it way to much struggling, and I guess the author kind of lost a cool part there in the cemetery to have a more scary ending, though the idea of having the G-Man involved in those poltergeist issues was a cool touch too.

In conclusion I found this mod original because thinks out of the box.

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