Hell Neighbor: Pure Darkness. This is a mod you can play in the Hello Neighbor Mod Kit or in the game if you installed it on steam. This mod is set to be less of a mod of the original game, and more of a sequel set to show more of the horror elements I feel that could've improved the game drastically. The game can give you a quick scare, but I feel it could've been made scarier with more of an edge to it. Story: 20 years after you move back to your old house, you start going periodically to a councler where you tell her about your trauma. She diagnoses you with PTSD and perscribes you medication to help you settle down to the idea of having neighbors again. But, soon after you start taking your medication, hallucinations start happening, and you don't know why. These hallucinations consist of you seeing the neighbor everywhere you go. You start going insane. You tell your counsler what has been happening, so she admits you to a mental institution. Will you escape and find him?

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