A series of realism mods for Quake 4. They don't make it extremely realistic, but add a little taste of realism to your Quake 4, which allows you to get more immersed in the bloody world of Stroggos. Happy fragging!

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Don't check the ratings, JUST TRY IT !!!


Definitely better than vanilla.
Enemies are brutal at the same time weapons are more effective. I like the smaller clip size but higher damage approach here.
Though I found it to be quite easy even on nightmare (g_skill 3)and laser weapons are quite OP (I'm not sure about the vanilla ones). I was playing with the mg and the shotgun (upped the clip size to 7 ^^) all the time, very satisfying.
I enabled back removeDelay and burnaway as I like the animation better.
My history with Quake:
-Played a little bit of the 1st/2d game, probably a demo disk
-Completed Quake 4 when it was released
-Installed Quake 4 a few days back and came here for mods.
-Feeling sad that I completed it tonight with this mod! it was a very short game.
I wish to play it for the third time but ONLY without the vehicles/turrets missions.

Another reason to give quake 4 a spin!

Excellent work!


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