This is a gore mod for Quake 1 to exaggerate and show-off with a lot more blood that every other Quake 1 mod has to offer :-)

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Shows tons of promise, poised to be the Brutal Doom of Quake.


make Quake great again

This mod is great! It fixes everything about Quake that I've personally found frustrating, along with adding gore that is almost alike Brutal Doom's gore. I've thought the gore was gonna be something alike Brutal Half-Life's gore - overexaggerted, buggy, messy (and not in a good way) and makes enemies seem like they're all extremely fragile - but none of this is present in Qore.

Along with adding gore, the mod also adds new weapons, a kicking feature alike in Brutal Doom, a teleportation feature which may or may not have been inspired by Quake Champions' Ranger ability to teleport (and Qore executes it WAY better to be perfectly honest) and finally slides which you can perform slidekicks with, too.

The creator was incredibly helpful and responsive. In the newest release (the release being v07 at the time of writing this) I've found a couple of small annoyances, and the creator responded in a matter of minutes, providing me with the fixes. If the creator is reading this, man, you rock!

I'll give it a 9/10 as for now, I may or may not change the rating with the newest releases of the mod coming out.


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I don't know why this mod is not named Brutal Quake. Anyway, this is an amazing mod.



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excessive usage of other Quake mods like smc and does not even give credits


its got blood and guts and is brutal


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