Having been sent back to Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman finds himself at the receiving end of an active Sector B teleportation laboratory. In the course of exploring the underground base once again, he finds that he is not the only one. The game is a work-in-progress and will continue with the next chapter in a few months.

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This held up surprisingly well.

Progression is so dense, it feels rushed, when one minute you're killing headcrabs, another minute you're having a weird flashback, then you're in a huge firefight, and then it's over before you know it.
Story was completely random and I won't try to make sense of it, but it had some memorable imagery (like Combine invading BM), gameplay was occasionally punishing, like strider's cannon killing you unless you move to an arbitrary safe spot, and game really lacked healthkits, while giving tons of suit energy.
Still, it has some really cool details on maps, like burned flag after you explode a barrel near it, customm textures and models, though they don't get much time to shine, cool setpieces, etc.


Блек мезы очень мало и она не очень похожа. Добавили стелс механику, но зачем стелс механика в халф-лайф??Очень классная идея с флешбеками, но этого тоже очень мало, мод неплохой, но какой-то недоразвитый, даже жалко ставить 7, но что поделать
Black Mesa is very small and it is not very similar. They added stealth mechanics, but why did stealth mechanics take a half-life ?? A very cool idea with flashbacks, but this is also not enough, the mod is not bad, but it’s kind of underdeveloped, it’s even a pity to put 7, but what can I do?


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I remember playing this mod long time ago. This has unique concept: ruined Black Mesa, combine invasion, escape on a train. Short but fun to play.


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Just WOW! This mod was absolutely brilliant. Although short, it is VERY good. I highly recommend this.

Nice mod that is related to "Half Life 1."


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