News: Project Zephon: Battle for freedom is a first-person shooter designed for UnrealTournament. It features full support for singleplayer mode as well as online cooperative mode. It is planned that the original development team makes an extra pack containing various multiplayer maps built in Zephon style, after the mod is completed. It will also be ported to Unreal shortly after it's original release. The mod currently entered beta tests. ---- Project Zephon >>>> Incoming message from Captain Dirk. C Capwell, chief commander of SCTC >>>> SCTC stands for Surveillance & Control of the Terran Colonies attached to the NEG >>>> Message received by UMS-Raven, Class B destroyer >>>> 21st of September, 3:32 pm Current status update from marine HQ regarding the recent events on Zephon: Zephon was a hostile planet at first, the cold atmosphere (up to -50° C) made life on this planet impossible. It all started with the beginning of the terra-forming wars, when human colonies like Mars and...

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Great mod. Levels are actually very good and the balance has been greatly improved in the new version, a really enjoyable Unreal experience. Fans of Unreal won't be dissapointed.

Maps (with a few exceptions) look absolutely stunning! The gameplay is a standard "kill monsters, press keys, unlock doors" but with the beauty of the landscapes and interiors it doesn't get boring! Music is also great in most parts.

Many parts looked and played even better than the original Unreal and Return to NaPali. A must-play for every Unreal fan and recommended for others too!

A few places (and a few music tracks) were not as good as the rest of the mod and hence the mark is "only" 9/10 but still one of the best mods I've ever played!


Difficulty... or maybe im lame ;p??


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