Approximately one year has passed since the Marked One's story. You are the military Lieutenant Priboi Slipchenko, and you were sent into the Zone... There was a secret organization, called UHSF, and they were responsible for the incident. They had a base at Dead City but the mercenaries wiped them out in the late 80's. The organization fell apart, and the last living members disappeared until today. Somehow this story is connected to the Marked One's story, and you'll eventually find out how. Over 20 important classified documents were hidden in the zone and you will need to find them to complete the puzzle. You will need to be "Sherlock Holmes" and dig deeper in the zone then you have ever done before. This is a re-release of the popular Priboi Story modification released in later January

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Smart Terrains

Smart Terrains

Client Side Coding Tutorial 10 comments

A short tutorial about smart terrains, how they work, what they do, and mostly how to set them up. Have a good scripting! :)

Lost Alpha FAQ

Lost Alpha FAQ

Feature 156 comments

Here is the official FAQ for Lost Alpha. We collected together the most common questions from all forums, and we tried to answer them. Please take your...

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Priboi Story Features

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Priboi Story Features

Feature 14 comments

Many people requested this, and since its always hard to find a complete features list of priboi story project, we decided to add it here.

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