Preacher is a 9 map boom compatible episode for Doom II. You play as a mad preacher who hears a voice in his head impelling him to take down all evil in the World. Layouts are open and non linear, and start spots are randomized. There are graphic and sound replacements, but weapon and enemy behaviours are untouched.

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NDgamer00 says

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It's a really good wad, I love the design of the levels really detailed and nice to look at, the music and gameplay play very well. My only minor criticisms are that the enemy placements and how many enemies in one area is kinda annoying where there is too many to handle. But overall a great wad to play, I recommend it.


sirleviatan says

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i love the medieval themes, and you can play with other mods, very cool.


Akuma_fer says

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- Very polished and Intricate level design.
- Great texture work wich gives the enviroment a horror gothic feel.
- Music that fits perfectly and the ones with lyrics (yes, apparently this preacher sings!) makes it even better.
- A main character that shouts curses in pseudo latin from the BLOOD game.

My only issue with the mod is that even on the lowest level of dificulty the maps throw so many enemies at you that it's barely posible to pass some levels.

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