Portal: Unity is a mod for the Valve game "portal" with almost everything revamped. New story levels, New textures, redesigned portals, new protagonist, new antagonist and much more. !!PLEASE NOTE!!: You need to download the steampipe patch for it to work with the new SteamPipe system steam uses. To download this just go to the 'Downloads' section on the moddb page. (It's also recommended that you download the lazer fix patch as that fixes a critical end game bug) Instructions on how to install the patches are included with the corresponding patch.

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itsnotabigtruck says

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This is one of the best mods I've played in a while. However, there are a number of issues that prevent it from being a truly solid game.

a) In the lobby (escape03), there's a metal detector that activates a red field guarding one of the hallways. If the detector is triggered before the boss battle, on the way out the player is trapped on the other side of the field. Portals cannot be used, as all the nearby walls and floors cannot be portaled. This makes it impossible to complete the game normally, even using noclip.
b) The launch video is encoded with the Xvid codec, which isn't installed by default. This results in an ugly error message while the video is supposed to play. While I probably should install a codec pack, it would be a good idea to use a codec that ships with Windows.
c) As another reviewer pointed out, magic illumination breaks immersion. It would be a good idea to add some fluorescent lights to the hallways and chambers à la Portal.
d) The voice acting is much better than a number of other mods, but it ends up being almost completely unintelligible. Adding subtitles is an absolute must - otherwise it's very difficult to tell what's going on.
e) The final boss battle was neat but it was quite counterintuitive - I initially missed the yellow lever by the elevator and assumed that the goal was to redirect the rockets, as in the Portal boss battle. It wasn't very hard to figure out after that was sorted out but it might be a good idea to e.g. make the lever more obvious.
f) While the map design is quite good for most of the game, it seems to suffer from a lack of refinement toward the end, especially after the boss battle. The hallways are too geometric and undetailed, and the elevators are like the ones from Half-Life 1.
g) Finally, it might be nice to dress up the menu screen a bit more, such as by adding a graphical logo.

I'm only nitpicking this so much because it's such a promising mod - unfortunately, a 1.5 update is sorely needed.

this is my favorite mod of all mod histroy


S!C says

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Portal unity starts of quite interesting and introducest many new puzzle elements. The maps are challenging, while mostly remaining fair. However, after a good start the mod steadily becomes increasingly dull. The mod concludes with a very boring bossfight and a totally unrewarding end.

Very good, but there are too many elevators.

Pretty nice mod!


While the mod looks nice and has a lot of content, it is not enjoyable to play. Most of the levels are very easy. There are probably only 3-4 levels where there is something to think about. The boss fight doesn't have anything interesting at all. New mechanics are buggy and work unexpectedly.

It's very hard to understand what the voices are saying. There are no subtitles. The voices are also too quiet compared to the music, and the music volume settings don't work.

(I wanted to rate as 2 but the site says "New members cannot rate below 2". 2 is not below 2, but whatever.)


Utoog says

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Есть проблемы в конце мода, но автор постарался на славу.

I found this mod very enjoyable. The test chambers, all 22 of them (It is 22 right?) contain very solid puzzles requiring thought, precision and not being a *******. Though, you guys have a very unhealthy obsession with rocket turrets. I remember dropping into one of the chambers' rooms, 19 I think it was. Beforehand HADES said "I don't think you're going to like what's in this room, but I will." I was greeted with four rockets all aimed at me. I think my face looked a little like this: ._. "...f*ck..." was all I could say.

The game's music was well chosen in my eyes. Or ears rather. (or composed? I'm going by the thought that you didn't make these here.) I particularly enjoyed the use of "orbit"

I found the beginning of test chamber 16 (the one where "one third of subjects beat it on their third try" if I'm not mistaken.)in particular very confusing. Got it in the end though. I think it could have a clearer solution. Also on the subject of test chambers, I feel as though they began to decline in quality after test chamber 19

I found it rather odd going through that light levels stayed the same throughout the entire mod. Not to mention there were no lights to be seen.

I think the sections leading up to the (very underwhelming) fight with HADES could have lasted longer. As well as the area just after you beat him and find his... blue spinning brain?

And uh, this is likely just me. But the portals didn't look right. The blue and orange were there sure, but it's as though they were rectangular... It's hard to describe.

Overall, very solid mod. You're editing it? That's wonderful! This mod can now be even greater! ^v^


Satiam says

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Great atmosphere, intelligent new mechanics and very good story. I can recommend this mod to anyone!

I gave 9 instead of 10 points because the puzzles become insanely difficult as of test chamber 18 onwards...

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