Portal: Unity is a mod for the Valve game "portal" with almost everything revamped. New story levels, New textures, redesigned portals, new protagonist, new antagonist and much more. !!PLEASE NOTE!!: You need to download the steampipe patch for it to work with the new SteamPipe system steam uses. To download this just go to the 'Downloads' section on the moddb page. (It's also recommended that you download the lazer fix patch as that fixes a critical end game bug) Instructions on how to install the patches are included with the corresponding patch.

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Well... it's been a long time since i posted anything here. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in a Portal 2 remake of the mod. Well, good news...

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Well... it's been a long time since i posted anything here.

There seems to be quite a bit of interest in a Portal 2 remake of the mod. I wasn't expecting that because we originally created Portal: Unity with the idea of recreating what we had seen in Portal 2 trailers and make a portal 1, portal 2 crossover sort of mod.

But for all the people interested I have decided to sortof 'port' the mod over to Portal 2, with the intention of utilising Portal 2's textures and technology (eg: ariel faith plate).

I will say, I doubt I will be able to redo the voice over work. I will look into it but at any rate the new version probably wont have dialogue, I'll try and find another way of getting the story across.
Certain portions of the game will be completely overhauled and remade because I'm unhappy with them and over levels will most likely get altered to some degree, hopefully adressing the problem of the difficulty fluctuating so much (hehe my bad ;D). I'll also most likely remove certain bits in test chambers that I think are unnecessary or just make the puzzle annoying/frustraiting insted of a challenge.

Anyway, I hope to have something within about a months time but if I do decide to redo the voice over it might be a little while longer.

Thanks for still being interested in Portal: Unity,


Best of luck to you

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Rorius Author

Just a small update, three chambers converted so far, Although I have come across a few issues I hadn't forseen...

I'll try to keep everyone who's interested up to date on my progress.

I have a couple of exams this week though so progress may halt for the next few days but after that it's full steam ahead :)

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