Portal 2 Mappack is just a mappack for the original game Portal. This will just have 4 different chambers, it's not a huge mappack. This is just for fun until the upcoming game Portal 2.

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It's GREAT!!! Good luck with part 3!

good! :D

Not only has Skinnycap achieved more in this map than most portal 2 themed maps over recent months, but the speed of its release showed how dedicated a mapper can be when having an itch to prove their skills to fans. You may have played Portal or any of the fan-made maps; some are loaded with canonical nods to the original. Some pose puzzles more time consuming than the entirety of portal 1. This is one of those very rare and ingenious maps which fall between the two, without the need for narrative or rehashing GLaDOS's voice resounding from chamber walls, the absence of any GLaDOS figure gives a feel of being watched silently.
You awake from a chamber surrounded by other (supposed android) chell’s.
This is the dropped-into-place feel most would find synonymous with half-life 2, you don't know what your goal is but familiar surroundings give you clues as to what is going on. In each room you must 'rescue' one of the personality cores and for what each room lacks in puzzles it make up for in sheer visual joy. Most maps were happy with you completing the same tasks as portal 1 - cube-on-button, huge-leap etc. here we have lasers, moving platforms, deep and beautiful backstage areas (sadly as visual elements only) and glistening new textures.
The new game play elements are fun and breathe new life into the portal dynamic, popping a laser across a room using portals is uniquely satisfying, the moving arms are a treat to watch, but the aesthetics of this pack are its stand out feature. Skinnycap has captured a clean and clinical look to his chambers; they shine, have depth and feel somehow more spacious than the actual room. Beyond this, if you look down you can see the deep underbelly of aperture. Not the rusted backstage of portal 1 but a clean and friendly environment that feels believable as a laboratory. I for one would love to see this expanded, allowing the beautiful aesthetics; interesting gameplay elements and eerie silence to be given their full potential.


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