Special thanks to:


Rapsodia (Normandy SS Allgemeine German Player and Afrika Korps skins)

Pascal (German Winter skins)

WartyX (Royal Britannia skin)

Giancarlo (3rd Infantry Division skins)

Filbertish (Mods Menu)

EspaƱa en Llamas Team; Triby and AK47 (Ariska)

MCh2207Cz (1903A1 Springfield)

Tally (Compass)

KnifeInFace (Kar98k and Lee-Enfield skins)

Buckdich aka zelimper (Nagant skin)

@'di (Springfield Model used in previous version)

Elvis Trigger (weapon sounds in previous version)

Lan Clan (m24 sound in previous version)

FKR clan (Lee-Enfield sound in previous version)

Notsafeforwork (Lee-Enfield used in previous version)

Goldenboy (Nagant skin used in previous version)

Antare (Kar98k skin used in previous version)

Mod Details:


After a long hiatus I have returned to revise my bolt rifles
only mod. The mod is being developed by me once again but this time is bigger
and better. The first release of this mod will be for Call of Duty 2 1.3
Multiplayer followed by a single player version. The concept of the mod is
about the same; five bolt action rifles, one shot and one bash kills. I've
decided to devote more time into this mod then usual as I don't want this to
done haphazard. I've pumped out many of mods quickly but this one is going to
be perfected to the best of my ability.

New features in MP Version 2.1:


1) New Springfield 1903A1 Model by MCh2207Cz

2) New background screen

3) New skins for Kar98k and Lee-Enfield by KnifeInFace.

4) Grenade damage lowered to zero

5) Ariska from Spain in Flames mod by Triby and AK47

6) Recolor of the Ariska wood done by PlusIce

7) All none rifle slots are now disabled by default, no more needing to execute a config file

8) Mods in the menu screen for quick access to other mods

9) Static crosshairs for all weapons

10) All of the pictures match the weapon in the weapon selection screen, excluding Ariska.

11) Mod and version information on the main menu screen

12) Darker sleeves for Germans to match SS uniform, recolor by PlusIce

Removed Features:


1) @'di's Springfield model removed

2) Weapon sounds for Nagant, Kar98k and Lee-Enfield removed to reduce file size.

3) Some rifle skins removed and replaced

4) Rifles.cfg removed all none rifle removed via script menus by default.

Mod releasing timeline (Multiplayer):


Release Candidate version 2.1 Nov 12

General Release version 2.1 Feb 2013

Release Candidate version 2.2 TBA

General Release version 2.2 TBA

(Dates are estimates)

Mod releasing timeline (Single Player):


Single player version will be developed once I'm done with
the Multiplayer version.

The Multiplayer version may stop a v2.1 GL or continue to be developed until v2.2 GL. If more bolt action rifles get released such as a Carcano, or another Springfield I may continue to build on the multiplayer version. If nothing really happens after multiplayer v2.1 GL has been released and everyone seems to be satisfied with it then I'm off to work on the SP version. If not the SP version is
delayed. Most if not all of the rifles can work in single player. I'm not sure if the Ariska will work in sp but I know the 1903 Springfield, Lee-Enfield, Kar98k, and Nagant will. Though, I don't believe the German team should be one shot kills because that would make single player too hard. Perhaps I'll set the damage on the Germans to 50 (four shots kills). The single player version will have grenades
with damage but not the MP version because I don't want the mod to turn into a
grenade spamming fest.

Release Candidate (RC) vs. General Release (GN):


The Release Candidate is more finished then a beta but the
final touches have not been placed on it.

Here are a few things that mite end up in the General
Release but not the Release Candidate:

1) New Russian winter uniforms

2) Grenades removed from mod

3) Each weapon spawns with one smoke grenade

4) Better background screen???

5) Credits screen???

6) Weapon specifications on menu screen; damage mobility, accuracy. Not really a high priority but would make the appearance better

7) Remove MG's and pistols from mod

8) Integration with AWE and or extreme+

9) Blood mod?

Next Version:


It's too early to say if there will be a next version after General Release version 2.1 for MP. Like I said earlier if more rifle models become available I may revise the MP version and postpone the SP version.

Two ways to run this mod:


1) Insert (filename).iwd into main folder. C:/Program Files/Activision/Call of Duty 2/main

2) Extract folder with iwd file into Call of Duty 2 directory.

How to remove the file:


Delete (filename).iwd

Macintosh Compatibility:


Support for Mac's is unknown. I don't own a Mac with cod2.

Permission to use these mod(s):


1) You must get permission from WartyX if you want to use "Royal Britannia
skins" in another mod or modify it.

2) You may run these files on your game server(s).

3) Please do not edit, modify, and adapt any weapon skin or player skin without consent
from that respective author.

4) This mod may not be used for commercial purposes. Example: charging people to
download this file.

5) You may add these files to your websites/mirrors.



Use the PM system to contact me regarding my mods. Posting an error you have with my mods on a video or picture may go unanswered for some time. I don't check my mod pictures and comments every day. Feel free to post on my website if you have any errors with my mods.



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Further Releases On Hold.


For the time being. All further releases of PlusIce's Bolt Rifles Only 2.x are on hold.

I have been busy with personal life and may or may not complete single player version.

Moreover, I doubt I will revise the multiplayer version as there would be not much more to add. "PlusIce's Multi-player Mini-Mod v2" adds new stuff to the mutliplayer version if used alongside my bolt rifles only mod.

If I don't announce the release of a single player version of PlusIce's Bolt Rifles Only within one year assume that the single player version was cancelled.

If someone would like to continue the project on there own I have no objection to that. Though, you will need to acquire permission from WartyX to use his skin. You can contact him via youtube or use his email address listed on youtube.

Question and Answers

Question and Answers


This article should answer some of your questions regarding the mod.

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PlusIce's Multiplayer Mini-Mod V2 for CoD2 MP 1.3

PlusIce's Multiplayer Mini-Mod V2 for CoD2 MP 1.3

Full Version

This version has a revised readme file fixing the typos, and the German smoke grenades are now cookable. The mod removes pistols, gives one smoke/frag...

PlusIce's Multiplayer Mini-Mod for CoD2 MP 1.3

PlusIce's Multiplayer Mini-Mod for CoD2 MP 1.3

Full Version

This Multiplayer mod disables pistols, makes both frag and smoke grenades cookable and gives you one smoke and frag grenade. unzip and read the readme...

PlusIce's Bolt Rifles Only v2.1 RC for CoD2 MP

PlusIce's Bolt Rifles Only v2.1 RC for CoD2 MP

Full Version 1 comment

PlusIce's Bolt Rifles Only v2.1 RC for CoD2 MP v1.3. The single player version will be released later on. See readme for installation instructions.


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Where's the version for Single Player ? Dead mod.

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