PVK kicks ass. Additionally, PVK is a modification to Valve Software's Half-Life, featuring three-way action between very unique teams, each from wide-ranging historical time periods, and composed of very unique classes. Here in the PVK universe, fun is emphasized over realism: there's plenty of fun to spread around! Both team cooperation and individual merit may play large roles at different times. Similarly, calculated genocide and reckless kamikaze attacks will coexist! You'll find all the sadistic, maniacal gore or absurdist existential humor anyone could want! So no matter who you are, you will be able to find your "bag" here, baby. We hope you find all the aspects of the game enjoyable. We have devoted a great deal of effort and free time to developing this project and cramming into it all of the entertaining stuff we have to offer. Have fun, stay mirthful, and enjoy. Share this joy with your family, friends, and loved ones (oddly in this cliche, "loved...


After 14 years of slumber Pirates, Vikings and Knights receives minor update to version PVK Beta 2.32.

Pirates, Vikings, and Knights 2.32

Nice to see it's still being updated. Good job!

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loKkdoKk Author

I think is it last update for PVK1.

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its the hole game or it is only an update?

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loKkdoKk Author

archive include full mod with additions from changelog.
i cant find more information, maps, etc for future updates.

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