Shiver me' timbers! Pirates of the Empire is back! After a long time of being a dead project, i have decided to have another go at making this awesome mod :D

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A list of new members to the team, currently open positions within the team and a progress update.

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Members List (As of 09 May 08):

Skulburn - Co-Leader/Mapper/Design.
Qwerberbel - Co-Leader/Mapper/Design.
RetroCow - Weapon Modeler.
Rickaby - Mapper.
Henri - Texture Artist, Prop Modeler, Concept Artist.

Current Open Positions:

Character Artist...
You will need experience with modeling, texturing and animating character models for the source engine, we will require that these models are ready to place within the game. You will be given reference materials to work by and a certain sense of freedom with the concept/exact design of each character.

SourceSDK Coder...
We are looking for another SourceSDK experienced coder, your job will be to impliment features, general coding and project building. We will provide you with all assets as they are created, and you will work closely with both Skulburn and Qwerberbel to create the required results. previous experience is required!

Sound/Music Design...

We are looking to get an archive of sound effects and music for PotE, if you think you are interested in producing some top quality sound effects and music scores for the project, please send us some examples of your work!

Progression Report:

Sorry for the delayed update, we planned one for wednesday, but time didn't permit. So you have the update now instead.

We havn't much progress to report, we have been recruiting for artists and a coder for the past week now and picked up a few new members, our current problem is the amount of work spread around the current team size. So people are doing 2-3 different jobs instead of one each.

Progress wise though, we have been working on the gameplay design, we were not to sure how things should pan out as of now. But we have made a few major decisions:

TigerStudios wrote:

We have decided on three map types, each map is based over water, however the three maps have different content to aid the players:

Ship vs. Ship
These maps will be within a open body of water, and two ships will be present, each team has control over one of these ships and will spawn within the lower deck/inside. the battle will then be a choice of two tactics. Will you board the enemies ship, or will you throw lead back and forth between the ships?

Ship vs. Island
These maps will include one ship and one island, one team spawns and controls the island while the other has the ship, its is the "ship teams" job to raid the island while the "island team" should hold of the "ship team".

Inland Fight
These maps will play out like most multiplayer counterstrike maps, they will be all inland, played through tropical jungles, ancient temples, forts and so on.

Caribbean Pirates
This team will be based on the traditional carribbean pirates, think Pirates of the Caribbean, and other related movies, your standard striped shirt pirates and so on.

New World Pirates
This team will be based on the pirates who robbed the spanish armada of its goods from the Americas. These pirates are not so traditional, but true European Pirates.

This class are given the following equipment:
- Dual Flintlock Pistols
- Captain's Cutlass
- Musket
- Monocular Telescope

Light Skirmisher
This class is given the following equipmentL
- Flintlock Pistol
- Musket
- Long Cutlass
- Boarding Axe

Heavy Infantry
This class is given the following equipmentL
- Flintlock Pistol
- Short Cutlass
- Blunderbuss
- Hand Grenades

In addition to the class weapons, each class can use the provided cannons and dynamite sticks.

Thats it for todays update, we will be bringing you new images soon, we promise! Dont forget to watch the project and keep your eyes open for new updates next week!

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