PINHEAD, available through Garry's Mod, is a multiplayer online, first person melee combat gamemode, with overtones of stealth and exploding heads.

You take control of a 'pinhead' and become a bald man with a bomb embedded within your brain. Your bomb's four digit detonation code or PIN is tattooed on the back of your head.

In an arena of 25 pinheads, equipped with a crowbar, digit-pad detonation device and a pair of binoculars, with an in-built camera, you must aquire other players' bomb codes and score points through the annihilation of noggin.

Each player is equipped with a handheld weapon to bludgen opponents, making them temporarily unconscious and enabling an easy peek at their bomb PIN. Hats can also be found and worn in order to hide detonation codes. However, they can be knocked off by other players. Each player is also assigned a unique pair of boxer shorts in order to make identification and therefore communication as well as revenge easier.

PINHEAD is listed as a gamemode on Garry's Mod. We have one server with 25 slots, which has been built as proof of concept and hopefully as a way to get further feedback from players as well as the Steam Greenlight community.

Our server on Garry's Mod is under the gamemode 'PINHEAD' and titled 'UK PINHEAD' The server features a free-for-all deathmatch, in 20 minute sessions. The map featured is 'ttt_forest_final' by Shifty Pete. Map assets are from Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive alongside original content.

Depending on player interest and feedback the plan is to expand PINHEAD as a gamemode and develop more servers to facilitate other game modes such as team arena, attack & defend, capture the flag, bomb defuse, VIP and king of the hill. We would also like to develop more weapons and items, such as stun guns and tazers as well as more handheld weapons.

Other features we would also like to develop for PINHEAD include a global scoreboard, to determine the world number 1 or 'King Pin'. As well as a pointshop for the purchase of in-game items and weapons, with the use of in-game currency/points which can be won. At the moment there are tattoos available for avatar modifications.

Thanks for reading, we really appreciate any feedback / questions etc.

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Why are the players/pinheads in boxer shorts? Is this some kind of daft gimmick?

-For centuries men have battled in their smalls/loincloths/undergarments, from Spartan warriors to Roman Gladiators to Ancient Sumo wrestlers to modern day boxers all have found comfort and additional agility in stripping down to the basics. We were also keen to keep recognition and communication between players as clear as possible, hence only one key unique personal item per player. At the moment you can purchase tattoos with in-game points/credits, this collection of addons for player avatars will grow in time.

What next?

-Driven by feedback we will expand the content for the gamemode to include more of what the players want (if there are any of course!)

Thanks for reading, we really appreciate any feedback / questions etc.


its cool :)

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MajorPlayUK Creator

Thanks, glad you like it! :)

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