A tongue-in-cheek story about Pewdiepie's brother. Not in any way meant to be a serious one.

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Scared the shiz out of me but it was really short.

We don't need anymore pewdiepie references! Seriously he's only a LPer, not a god...


Dude, this is a beast *** story. It is easy to understand and it makes sense in the bro community. The only problem is that it is a bit too short. Thinking of making a second part :)? But seriously though, that was a great job you did with this. *brofist*


Completely ripped of Redemption and stole xebaz's voice. -_-

Way too short. Map design is ok, but relies on cheap jumpscares. Got a little giggle, but this is not a good custom story.

This map is interesting.Funny+scary even if it is small. I loved it so much,(though it scared out some pants of mine)... Very good map.Oh I forgot this is kinda funny because of some parts in it...

great game great game diserves more plays i approve of this message


7/10 because I'm a Bro


Humeba says

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That was fun! I would like to see more from you!

I really like this story. Its funneh and cool. BROFIST!

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Scared the shiz out of me but it was really short.

Jan 19 2012 by Froggit