A research analyst Harry Redwood wakes up in Venom Fox research facility after an incident, and is forced to flee from the underground complex with some help from a co-worker. Please track and comment, that'd be awesome :)

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[1.4] I have never been so frustrated about a gameplay. Drop a puzzle piece, good luck finding it for 2 hours, because we're too cool to give you a flashlight. This game looked very promising but left me very dry in the end.


This mod is amazing.


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Alright, I downloaded this through steam and I'm gonna leave a review here because there just isn't enough room there. lol

I found this mod to actually be overall well made. The last few nice SOMA mods lacked any sort of length, but this one actually had a solid hour of game play which was nice. The level design was also pretty great, though a few halls and rooms were a little bit empty.

Really the only things that need some work are the story telling and the challenge to the puzzles. The story was there, but lacked substance. I hope you make a prequel or something to fill in the blanks in the story. As for the puzzles, they were a little easy for me. I'm not sure about other people, however. I do, however, appreciate the use of puzzles, they were actually creative, and a bit fun. It's been awhile since I've seen a maze. and ZERO GRAVITY ROOMS.

Also, there weren't too many monsters. A monster or two per map isn't too bad. Especially since they were spaced out and didn't cross paths with each other, so don't worry about that.

All in all I give it a 7/10. Keep up the good work, friend.

Excelent map design
Enemy variety
Long standalone campaign (40-80 min of playtime)
Voice acting
Custom music
Custom assets
Diverse gameplay
Some puzzles are unintuitive
Climb areas are a bit unintuitive
Monsters ai is a bit buggy

9/10 would play again

Pretty decent custom story. The mapping is nice, though you could nore work on details. Also, some of the rooms are missing soundspace areas and that kind ruins the atmosphere for some parts. Overall the atmoshpere in the custom story was good, especially in the mines part (Though I think you could develop this part more). The story isn't too deep, but overall it sums up well.

The biggest flaw of the mod are the enemies. They are glitchy sometimes and getting stuck with walls and doors.

Nice custon story, try to practice more on detailing and enemy Ai :)


A decent custom story. The story itself wasn't too deep, but it has some gameplay and of course it's nice to see that people are really starting to get into modding SOMA. Music from Penumbra and Amnesia were a nice touch, somehow they helped to set the atmosphere just a bit more horrific. Also 90's dance music roxx. Platforming part in chapter 2 was refreshing for SOMA, maybe the low gravity part could've been utilized a bit more.

8/10 - took about 1,5 hours to finish, so could've been longer. Tentacle guy glitched between going horizontally and vertically very disturbingly when he was walking, don't know if he was supposed to do so but it was actually very cool.


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