Total Conversion (mod) for the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Demo version of "Penumbra: Prisoner of Fate" - the prequel to the first part of the Penumbra series, revealing the fate of the mad miner Tom "Red" Redwood. The full version of the modification is developed on the HPL3 engine.

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TiManGames says

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This demo was nice and I generally enjoyed it for what it tries to promote: the untold story of Red and his hidden past.

The atmosphere was pretty good, and I felt that I was in danger, even though nothing was in sight. I never felt that I'm actually safe, and I think that's good for this kind of environment.

I liked the little hallucinations and mindfucks through the demo, I hope to see more of that in the final mod.

The puzzles were ok, but I especially liked the puzzle with the blank page, since it requires some more thinking. Therefore, I hope to see more puzzles that requires the player more thinking, however the place where the puzzle is solved and the place where the puzzle is discovered/created shouldn't be too from each other. The blank page was in one map and the room that provides the solution was pretty far from that room.
It can be a little tedious for some players.

Now for the downside of this demo:

Graphics, especially assets. They weren't so good. I can understand the graphical limits HPL2 has, but I can't see a reason why you are still using the penumbra assets. They have a very low polycount, and some of the textures are very ugly (for example, that carpet in the first room. I could barley even tell that was a carpet)

I suggest that for your final mod, which hopefully will be made in HPL3, use more SOMA assets rather than penumbra/amnesia assets. There are some big chunck of assets that can fit really well with the environment of Penumra. The fact that you're making a penumbra mod doesn't mean you need to use low poly assets with low res textures.
Please keep that in mind.

I am excited to play the full mod and if you want, hook me up and I'll try to help you with the HPL3 version of the mod.


Mr.Shiva says

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The only flaw with this demo is that it ended.


Toxic_Neon_Zero says

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Stochar says

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Looking forward to a full version


probor says

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Demonbrant says

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I had no idea what to expect from this, only that we play as Red and that this is a demo.

First off, the atmosphere was very dark and unsettling, and you even hear ambient noises such as crawling... knocking on doors etc. I also really love the levels and events shown in the demo. I had trouble going through some areas, but I wasn't really thinking that hard so that might be why. I was too busy worrying whether there was danger nearby and looking around corners. I was recently playing necrologue and even recognized one of the levels used in both mods. I also liked the lighting, as I always say, to me lighting is one of the most important things in a horror game, and it was done well. The music was also very good, i especially liked the main menu music as it reminded me of Penumbra Overture's main menu music. Some of the grammar was also confusing and didnt make me so immersed, like you call Red 'the Red' and I am not sure if that is intended or not, but it doesn't sound right.

Everything else beyond this I would consider spoilers, and will not mention in this review. The only drawback to me was the grammar, even though I know the developers are not English speakers, I do think it could have been better. All in all, I wouldn't even mind if you developed the mod in HPL2, graphics to me aren't everything and I would almost prefer it. Why move to another engine if it isn't broke?

I wish the best of luck to you all that are developing the mod, and I hope it goes well.


hanka888 says

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Graphic ist gut Penumbra ist immer noch spannend gruselig und macht eindeutig immer noch süchtig!!Ich liebe dieses spiel vielen dank dem ganzen team die immer noch daran arbeiten


OrganicShelter says

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1.New maps that wasn't implemented in original Penumbra
2.New puzzles
3.New assets
4.Maps are detailed

1.Some textures are clipping

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