Version 0.2 is in development! New screenshot are in the media section.

New mod for old good Aliens vs Predator 2 based on AJLMod, VIPMod and AJLMod L.A.B.

Beta release:
Not all features are available for now. Mod is still in heavy development.


1) AVP2 patched
2) Full UMP map pack with updates


Extract archive into Aliens vs Predator 2 folder.

Running the mod:

Execute PaybackPlay.bat, click Yes in message box (Launch the game using command line settings).

Also you can run mod in windowed mode or/and without anisotropic filtering:

PaybackPlay_nofiltering.bat - fullscreen mode, no anisotropic filtering
PaybackPlay_windowed.bat - windowed mode, anisotropic filtering enabled
PaybackPlay_windowed_nofiltering.bat - windowed mode, no anisotropic filtering


Download mirror 1:

Download mirror 2:

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Payback Time BETA v0.10

Payback Time BETA v0.10

Full Version 2 comments

Installation: extract archive into Aliens vs. Predator 2 folder. How to play: run PaybackPlay.bat file, click Yes in message box (Launch the game using...

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I keep getting an error, this is a multiplayer only mod? What a shame that nobody makes any new single-player mods for this game anymore. I don't see how people play multiplayer since the servers are gone and even if I some how find a way to play online I heard there are way too many alternatives/versions. I'd be lucky to find a full server that even supports this. Other than that the mod looks good.

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So, uhh, it's probably the time for per-year comment about "confirm dead"?
It's like roughly 9 months after I wrote the last one.

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thecanonmaster Creator

I can dump some screenshots if you want. We still here =)

Join AVP2 discord for more info:

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I hope you're not dead...

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thecanonmaster Creator

We are alive and kicking!

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How to install the mod??? and how many mods can Aliens vs Predator 2 support?

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thecanonmaster Creator

Read readme?)

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Oh another thing.
You see, alium, when you use yourself as a acid close proximity minibomb, you will succeed to kill any high skilled target, because they are so good at aiming that its rather useful to bomb one with your body rather than to melee them.

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thecanonmaster Creator

That's heavy :) starting to analyze

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Good mod for 0.1v, yet it has the most common problems of assymetric ranged vs melee gameplay. (Nosgoth - I will write about later, Evolve - this mod has common problems with that "game" ...)
I would've pointed that here, but I need to research things a little more before I start spewing my list of "rebalance"(as I see them) ideas and what-is-wrong with this mod.

P.S. I could've contact you thru vk (Im from UA) and give my opinion about some balance issues and new features but I've never got accounts for that sites so no way I can do this. Btw you can add/ask me on Steam about all of this gameplay and what errors I see in it.

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On Alien side
1. No real way to cross wast distances fast/ You can't advance
Okay, we have ranged humans. They have better dps and abilities to make your life worse. In Nosgoth, humans had advantage - the better you at aim, the more dmg & speed debuff(5%-10%) time you'll have on your target.
What the vampires had as abilities is to cross wast distances (pounce, really), go to invis, or attack with little AoE from medium distance (for example, ss13 cm has boilers to do area denial). So usual tactic as Vamp vs low-medium skilled was to get into hot spot, separate fight to 1v1 1v1 1v1 1v1 and win those fights by chaining their abilities.
At first, humans were fresh and weren't able to fully use their potential in ranged with their main weapon,
so almost any Vamp attack was 75% success if you could dodge 60% of their Heat Fire.
But almost at high-levels there were impossible to hide by natural means (there were _no_defensive_barricades_ for vamps, they should use terrain) and you were chipped at 60%-40% before you even can come close to humans at high levels / get stomped if they suppress you very good.
What we see in Payback - Aliens have movement advantage but have none in actual fighting. Yes, they have ridiculously big dmg (using film or vanilla as game balance points is really bad) but in team fights it wont matter if you cant really get to those humans fast to take them down. I would've traded dmg for class-favoring abilities. Period.
Just because film says aliens use numbers and stealth to take humans down isn't gonna work without specific maps and it all goes guerilla. Guerilla tactic is fun first 5 minutes for both sides. Then it's just really mice and cat games where you should get that booty without getting hit (Its really hard to not get hit and get speed debuff from fire, even in nosgoth with medium players you would get chopped 20% of your health) so no-no speed debuffs. I can see that some classes should get punished by bad play, BUT NOT EVERYONE.
<+ Vampires could charge their attack to have lunge one to cover up good distances between them and prey yet lunges were easier to dodge.>
Nosgoth-battle tactic and gamebalance, Evolve - guerilla tactic, the cancer of "FIND ME (BEFORE YOU'RE SCREWED)"
2. Visible Invisibility
Engine render or something. Just turn more brightness and stuff in Options and have a nice day killing aliens who hide in dark spots because its relatively easily to distinguish alien silhouette.
The Hidden:Source. No, really, you can just turn your graphics and make it contrast too good to see hidden's blur even when he's just sitting and mas... Memes, Im sorry.
3. Lack of really good classes
Why would you had worker in 3v3 fight? Why doncha choose 2 hugs and distract with warrior or his hugger and get cocoons, score and enemy rage asap? Even thou it's v0.1, I'd said that some classes give more advantage than other.

SS13 Cm has for example 3 forks
(Attack -
T1 Runner(Scout w/o marking with pounce),
T2 Hunter - has semi invisibility and pounce (when in dark you can't be seen, in bad light there's like shimmering ghost of you, in lightened areas you cant even hide),
T3 Ravager (high dps/dmg - best at 1v1, immune to fire, has lunge) or T3 Crusher (Tank) (has frontal almost impenetrable crest, could rush at front lines and tank bullets/destroy mines, used stuns to take down groups, bad claw dmg yet strong charge on foe ability that is capable of stunning for good)
Defence -
T1 Sentinel (more hp/armor than Runner, slower, has spit)
T2 Spitter (Yeah, that spitter)
T3 Boiler (Large spitter with more AoE denial) or T3 Praetorian (Yeah, it should be Drone that evolves to Prae, but there it's just bigger and stronger spitter)
Support&number;_carry -
T1 Drone - can build little hives and nests
T2 Hivelord (ss13 emphasizes on building everything so its non-lore class, yet it's name says from thouself) T2 Carrier (from RTS game, has 6 huggers to throw, balanced : you need to break helmet first and then hit again, huggers aren't active act like mines)
T3 Queen from T1 Drone - usual Queen)=12 classes. Id rather cut that to 9 (
Drone -> Hunter -> Warrior (They have their nests&heal;/stealth&swarm;/support&carry;);
Runner -> Guardian -> Crusher (They have distraction&fast; target stuns/armor & AoE stuns);
Sentinel-> Spitter -> Boiler (Those ones have buffs&ranged;/strong ranged/strong AoE))
and implement different roles and mechanics. Especially Im enraged about keymappings. Really, why every alien different attack on rmb? Shouldn't it be SAME ON EVERY Class ?
Nosgoth. Every vamp has it's unique abilities that weren't suck, so using a little bunch of brain cells and map advantage you could 1v1 everyone. Also keymappings were - lmb as claws(you could charge them to get lunge) rmb as primary ability q and e as secondary.
Evolve. Another side of coin. Give alot to aliens and they start to prevail everywhere.

tl;dr : Read it. You have no choice.

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Okay, let's do this.
On Human side
1. Hugger spam -
leads towards turbo salt and just the best tactic to have 2 huggys and warrior(+ drone)
Its just best tactic to advance from ayylmao perspective (speed debuff from straight fire is just too much)
/ No one likes to have taken control outta your character with 1 hit kill haggot with such efficiency - they take 20 score from human team and give 50 to alien, no one likes dem fooooken picture of Pistoletov on your face.
Where this problem has place too?
It's obviously ONLY best stun attack tactic (suddenly, huh?) that has place in ss13 Colonial Marines branch and hugger-combat (even thou you cant play as one there) leads towards so much SALT that there were CQC system in dev but they got rekt.
2. "Team" attack - I'll start from WHERE I first encountered this problem because it's better to give an example.
Where you encoutered this problem besides this mod?
Nosgoth (it died horrible death, ikr).
This game was an Team vs Team. Humans had more dps and ranged weapons, Vamps had traversal and team breaking tools.
Good teams only made from premades, and every missing 1 human/alien is too hard to replace.
Why? Humans have TOO good suppressive weapons, aliens have TOO good melee attacks. But when there's another human that will make it 2vs1 it starts becoming too Evolve on either side.
I know that almost everyone want to slip into their work a huge part of their fav film, but it costs huge gameplay and salt-inducing-rage issues (SS13 CM again).
3. Camp/wide place abuse
SS13 CM (Forward Operative Bases - FOB's), Nosgoth again.
It's in blood of humans. Why would you have ranged and go into melee with killing_sharpy-claws/hugs_machine? You just stay outta their range at wide open area / find camp spot with 2 exits & block 1 of them and use your weapon & juke as much as possible to take no hits. Really, it's that easy when you can aim your primary. And it's too hard to escape to resupply when your enemy lost your sights, because
You can't escape your fate, filthy human so STAND ON YOUR FEET AND FIGHT.
Or if there's actually more of yours than theirs there's no reason to go out. EVER. Just camp and aliens will come by themself because they need to advance to get melee hits.

P.S. Feel free to add more with replies. Now ayylmaos.
Edit : Changed some words.

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Btw, you do not even need to have some kind of getting to resupply stations if you have decent Support.

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