This mod is being developed by me, usbpetrock.
It's based on the old and now deleted mod Portal: Pale Aperture (virtually every aspect, including the maps and storyline, was changed to result in Portal: Insane Aperture, and the original pack was deleted from ModDB, although I still have it.)
This mod has been authorised by Portal: Pale Aperture's leader, loudonlune.
If you'd like to help, feel free to leave a comment or a PM.

You've been wandering around Aperture Science. For some reason, you can't seem to find any other living being, recorded messages, or even AI! Maybe you should figure out what's going on...

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Some tweaks


A few flaws have been fixed with the mod. I no longer have the ugly wooden planks "supporting" the level. The giant fizzler in level 2 is now correctly scaled. The portalgun appears correctly in the fourth level.

The problem with the 3rd level being awful is going to be fixed.
Anyway, I have a problem with the title screen for my mod. I have a New Game button, with a Continue button underneath it. The New Game button works as expected, but the Continue button doesn't do anything. Its command is set to "load autosave" and I have created and passed through an autosave trigger. When I type "load autosave" in the console, it loads the autosave, as expected. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?

beckmanseth - - 5 comments

Why does no one use the included Map Maker for this? It would be much easier than Hammer, then edit files later.

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Red-Minerals - - 82 comments

Hammer isnt as effective, PeTI is slow, exports are crappy and will ALWAYS crash. Hammer is for the win. Besides, you can do SOOO much more in hammer. PETI is made for people who dont want to use hammer for workshop maps. Just an easy way to make chanmbers. The easy way isnt always the best way.

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