Opposing Force Redux is an enhancement package for Opposing Force. It is designed to work with the new Steam Client provided by Valve. Opposing Force Redux enhances your Opposing Force installation beyond what was thought to be possible with the High Definition pack that shipped with Blue Shift. Redux is a community project. It is non-profit and contains work from members of many communities. Such communities are Half Life Improvement Team, which provide invaluable support and a great source of custom Half Life content. However most of the work is done by our Team. Redux is a complete visual and audio overhaul for Opposing Force. Containing new models, sounds, sprites and some map enhancements to immerse you into a new level of gameplay. Even the smallest of details have been reworked to give your now fancy ass gaming computer something to chew on. This is not a Source project/port. We have replaced near over 550 sounds, and 50 models and showing progress towards...

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New name, New Site, New Media, Soon

New name, New Site, New Media, Soon


Heart of Evil: Enhancement Pack is now Napalm Editon.

Redux Weapons on HEV Hands


Yep, now you can play Half-Life with Opposing Force Redux weapons without soldier arms and in their place, Gordans HEV suit hands. Hope you enjoy this...

V1.1 Released!

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Yep, V1.1 of the Opposing Force Redux Project has been released! It's mirrored here on Mod DB ready for download. Here is the changelog: V1.1 Patch...

Update with regards to V1.1


Sorry for the lack of updates, but the release is on the horizon, or even before it. We have come close to tieing up enough loose ends for another release...

WON Users Read This


If you are a WON user and trying to use Opposing Force Redux, you may run into some sound problems. Redux uses 16 bit sounds for the most part and they...

Patch Info


More news for you guys to chomp on. I was on an exersize on the weekend so not too much has gotten completed yet. On Wednesday · January 4 · 2006 we...

V1 Released


The first version of Opposing Force Redux has been released. Go download it and enjoy! Don't forget to rate the mod here at Mod DB and File Front...

New Promo Video

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Hey Guys I have a present for you today! I have the final promotional video for Redux here weighing in at a hefty 10.8mb of footage. A release is drawing...



We have revised the M4 completely. It was feeling outdated and the animations we chose for it initially were fading in charm. So we have changed it all...

Release Information


We are planning to release the pack in parts. These divisions are not final, yet: 1) Weapons -sounds, models, sprites 2) Grunts- well yeah 3) Bad people...

New Render Styles


Hey, becuase of the size limitations on Mod DB we cant post our new renders here, however, you can find them on our site under the images section. Also...

More Media and more


Hey folks Editor321 here, just letting you know there is much more media on the website today. With a bag full of ingame and comparison shots up and new...

Some more updates


Editor321 is back from vacation and has done some updating to the Redux site. All new site graphics and the image section has been updated with the latest...

Little Update


Alright. I just updated the image gallery with a render of the new pipe wrench all skinned. It shows both skins too (H4wk's and Red Slugs). On other...

Two new model renders for Opposing Force Redux


Hey all, I just updated the image gallery with two new renders. The pictures explain themselves. You can see 1024x768 resolution renders of the same models...

Image Gallery Update


Alright, I'm in the process of getting some images up in the image gallery here at the Mod DB page for Opposing Force Redux. I do want to point out...

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