The world wide terrorist have united and decided to exterminate everything in there path. It is up to you and the world's leet squads to exterminate the terrorist threats from destroying the world and innocents lives are up to you for the challenge!?

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VaderG says

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What started as a promising mission pack for Condition Zero soon turned sour. Some of the challenges are next to near impossible. On hard mode, in one mission, the player is expected to "Kill 5 enemies with the Schmidt Machine Pistol and survive the round". This means you have to kill 5 enemies with a crappy weapon all in 1 round, with your team mates only allowed to get 1 kill. There are other ridiculous scenarios such as this. The "injure an enemy with weapon x" is also bad because you're not allowed to kill someone with it, even if the challenge says to use a magnum sniper rifle (typically a 1 shot kill). So, I'm supposed to aim for the feet of an enemy and risk death, and don't bother telling me to use flashbangs, because I already tried and I've managed to beat expert mode on Condition Zero vanilla campaign. How unfortunate that a rare addition to Condition Zero could be so woefully broken.


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