Operation Market Garden (OMG) is a persistent multiplayer only modification based off the award winning real time strategy game Company of Heroes. We put a strong emphasis on balance, community, transparency, and fun. Currently in an open Beta, we are constantly improving, adding new OMG features and content. Through our website the player tailors their company, customizing it to fit their play style and needs. Through our simple and easy to use launcher they join battle with their teammates against the enemy. There's no in game resource management, no base building, and no gimmicks. It's just pure combat, building on the already superb platform of Company of Heroes, and it's pure fun. Win or lose, your surviving units stick with you throughout your battles. The war persists, your troops persist, and its all at tip of your fingers.

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Quick rundown of what is and isn't in the first public release of Operation: Market Garden, download link to follow in the next few hours...

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Unfortunately we are unable to release the mod until likely late this afternoon when one of our Coders Bonte gets back, we found a major issue that prevents release - it is a simple fix, but one that the staff online right now cannot do.

Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to launch later tonight ( 7ish PST) - If you are in the Alpha i encourage you to play games as all the systems are in and bug free.

We're on track to launch the public beta today, but I guess some people are confused about what this launch includes

Launch should be AROUND noon EST, might be a little later - If you want to start playing earlier join the Ventrilo (link in the sidebar) and come down to the test channels - we are already playing the final build.

If you're a new player whose been watching this mod than check it out! Once we go live in a few hours the link on the sidebar for "WarCP" will work (you'll need to have a forum account) and you'll be able to set yourself up

If you're a tester who hasn't played in a few days than now is a good time to come back, all the bugs are fixed (except for a rare one), the new skins are in for the new units, and the gameplay is great :)

Heres what you can expect:

BETA 1 Launch:

  • 99% stable version of Operation Market Garden (only one crash bug left)
  • All 4 Factions in and fully playable
  • Fully functional WarCP that will let you build companies, buy upgrades, etc.
  • New Features like Halftrack Loading, Paradropping Fallschrimjaegers, Weapons able to garrison emplacements, etc.
  • New Doctrinal Units (only Americans have new units at the moment) including new tanks & infantry all of which are quite balanced to fit in the gameplay and don't overlap existing units
  • 7 new & exclusive maps
  • Simple battle file downloader that you tell where you installed COH and it puts the battle files and .UCS in the right place for you
  • A single installer that brings it all under one roof

What is NOT in this build (with ETAs)

  • Persistency - This is actually a "we don't know", the code is all done, the implementation is all in, but theres a bug and we're not sure if it'll be fixed by this afternoon - ETA on this is either this afternoon with the official launch or by Monday
  • Comprehensive Launcher 1.0 will include Battle Creation, Chat, Battle File Downloading & Automatic Version Updates - ETA 2-3 Days
  • Comprehensive Launcher 2.0will include all of above + company creation & management + automatic map downloading (maps will be selected before game launches) + Dynamic warmap integration - ETA Mid-February
  • DOCTRINES - While some doctrine UNITS are in, the complete doctrine system has over 600 unique abilities, many with multiple levels, so will take a while for Bonte & Marcus to get them in - We estimate 4-6 weeks for full implementation but we may roll them out a tier at a time i.e. week 2: All T1s Week 3 All T2s, etc.

The hour of release has been pushed back until later today.

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It's still today ;)

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Unfortunately, the date has been pushed until Tuesday, due to unforseen circumstances.

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You can still join the alpha if you really can't wait, maybe you can get a game today. (no installer though, it's work)!

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