Добро пожаловать, это моя история, которую я выдумал, я хочу проверить, хорошо ли получается делать у меня свои истории. Автор: Степан Шевцов. Если вам зайдёт, то я буду делать продолжение, а если нет, то нет. Я надеюсь вам понравится.

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VladImplies says

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ggez succ my pp


Amnesiadude78 says

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I hate to sound like a pretentious douchebag, but god damn this community does not try anymore and it shows. This story makes zero sense if there even is a story at all (maybe because I don't speak Russian) bland and uninspired levels. No atmosphere. Hopefully the full version will be better, but I don’t have hope. I think at this point we need to lay this community to rest


TheGamerPro9071 says

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I didnt play the demo, because seeing the images, i know this custom is bad, and another thing if your gonna create something do it in english too, but if you dont know english, learn, bye


Trader126 says

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