Founded in 1992, just after Latvia's independence from the Soviet Union, OMEGA was created to serve as the first response unit against terrorist attacks.

The mod's goal is to bring this elite CT unit to Arma 3, getting as close as possible to real life.

WHAT HAS BEEN DONE - 06/04/2020

- OMEGA Uniforms (black, grey and brown)
- OMEGA Vests (regular vest and GL RIG)
- Valsts Policija Uniform
- Valsts Policija GL RIG vest
- Helmets (ECH and ECH Lite, standard for both OMEGA and Valsts Policija)
- Uniform insignias (Valsts Policija and OMEGA)
- Normal maps for each of these textures
- UI (addon description, image, menu logos, mod logo)

- Add Ballistic Helmet with faceshield


- Add Vehicles (one armored vehicle, one pick-up and one helicopter)
- Add Tactical Backpack
- Add Valsts Policija Ballistic Vest
- Balance vests and helmets ballistic protection (they work pretty well, but they are kinda overpowered right now)
- Minor fixes to vests normal maps (some things are out of place)
- UI (item icons)

- Complete mod description (Latvian and Russian languages)


- Add one kit (uniform, vest, helmet and patch) from ARAS (Lithuanian Police Special Forces)

- Add more vehicles


06/04/2020 - Third update and beta release

27/01/2020 - Second update and new screenshots

13/01/2020 - Announcement and first screenshots.


The mod is supposed to be released inapril or may of 2020, with it's full content and without having to release future updates (even though I plan to add more content as time goes by, but I still want a solid release, not a clunky one)

Have any tips, suggestions or anything like that? Feel free to add a comment here, or to send me a PM. I usually check ModDB weekly, so you'll get a response for sure.

That's all for now!

Paldies jums visiem,

Lai dzīvo Latvija!

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Beta v. 0.3 is LIVE!


After a few months, and a little bit of tweaking in the last few days, I've decided to launch the Beta v. 0.3 of the mod.

As you imagine, it's very polished and full of content, but it's something very playable and enjoyable.

If you find any bugs, feel free to leave a comment, or add me on Steam. Same goes for suggestions for tweaks. I'm always open, since my goal is to make this as close as possible to real life.


- 5 uniforms (black, grey, brown, black (rolled-up sleeves) and Valsts Policija)

- 2 insignias (OMEGA and Valsts Policija)

- 3 vests (OMEGA standard and Heavy and Valsts Policija)

- 3 helmets (ECH Light, ECH and Faceshield)

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Beta v. 0.3 - Release

Beta v. 0.3 - Release


This is the Beta Version 0.3 initial release. Check description for more info about the mod and contents list.

Guest - - 689,183 comments

Hey! Thank you for making a Latvian CT unit!

As well as the black UF Pro Striker uniform, I think you should make the brown and the new gray variation.

Also, one of the things that makes them stand out is their signature black NFM Trym QRS vest with the neck and arm protectors.

In fact, if you need it - I've researched and made a list of what gear, equipment and weapons Omega uses if you're interested.


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Belevics Creator
Belevics - - 11 comments

Thank you for the feedback.

If you can, send me a PM with the information.

By the way, if you want, I can send you the current build of the mod, so you can get a better look at everything.

You can also add me on steam.

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