Greetings everyone! If you have never heard of us, we have created a sand box Warhammer 40,000 that supports 3rd person and first person fighting. The WH40K MOD currently contains most races, weapons and vehicles. This mod is for the game (OFP) Operational Flashpoint. The game has changed its name from OFP (Operation Flashpoint) to CWA (Arma: Cold War Assault) patch 1.99! The mod is currently still in development. so if you get the chance check us out on our fourms

CaptainBuryat says

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Well done mod gives the opportunity to ride on the chimera control legendary Leman Ras, take a bolter and arrange a crusade, or be painted in green and go for the chop shouting WAAAAAGH !! the possibilities of this truly endless. Required for fans warhammer 40000 and support the developers because they tried.

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May 17 2013 by Hercfrost

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