Real Time Projectiles, Cavity Based Damage, Physics Calculated Terminal Ballistics, Bullet Deformations. The Evolution of the First Person Shooter!

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Needs to be more stable and make the in game menu easier to follow :P


SAZB says

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nice..very nice.



Pretty good but need some bug fixes

Realistic sim that's very accurate and customizable. No overdramatic decoration getting in the way of straight, well-built gameplay. The fear of ultrarealistic combat is strong here. The hope of survival is in the armor when you're knocked down by an explosion and just barely kill the enemy and take cover.


taiiat says

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a blast to play, Occupation makes FPS PvP really worth playing. enough dynamicness and realism to keep it enjoyable, no matter how long you play it. some inconsistencies that detract sometimes, but generally it plays really well.

very fun!!!

lots of work like bullet drag, fragmentation and lots
of other stuff.



Very fun mod to play with.
The bad thing is there is an excess of settings(that's not too hard to deal with), confusing button layout making it difficult to get used to, and an oddly set-up spawn/weapon setup screen that I cannot understand and end up spamming right-click. (Also, no players, but that's understandable and at least you have bots)

Other than that, there are plenty of weapons to keep one occupied and having fun, realism and weapon models look very appealing, and, to turn a con around, it can be quite entertaining to get used to this game.

incredibly realistic ballistics, and health systems. but game is INCREDIBLY choppy and not the most stable thing. but all in all its decently fun to play. only needs servers.


it looks very good, graphics are excellent

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Needs to be more stable and make the in game menu easier to follow :P

Apr 22 2011 by PieM0nk